Suggested Prior Episode for 7-11-13

While I am away in Montana at the Dave Jacke Workshop I wanted to recommend a old episode for you.  This week I interviewed Curt Linville and his description of where he grew up and the community there, made remember my old episode.

The Episode is Episode-170- Let’s Take a Trip Back in Time

While TSP was only less than a year old and I was still podcasting from the car this episode will show you just how true to the roots TSP has remained and I believe it will show you just how similar the communities Curt and I grew up in were, though they were thousands of miles apart.

4 Responses to Suggested Prior Episode for 7-11-13

  1. It’s funny the similarities of our past, the only difference in I lived in The S.E. Texas piney woods and we geared up for the winter garden, I had never heard of Cho-Cho until I was in my 20’s but it is some good stuff.
    I’m glad you suggested this show, over the last few years I have went back and listened to a ton of old shows but I had missed this one.

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. I think the whole deer tag thing is over looked my Mom or my Sister never hunted but they had a hunting license every year, in Texas that 10 extra deer you can kill, when i was a kid we ate so much deer meat my mother got tired of it LOL

  3. When I was 16 my friend, his father and another family member went to central Ontario camping at Wakami Lake Provincial Park. I’m talking the very end of the dirt road, launch the boat and two hours each way to an island where the bears and bugs were not too bad. We would pack our food in coolers with dry ice then bury the coolers when we got to the island we were staying on. So need less to say after 157 miles of gravel highway, 20 some miles of dirt road and two hours by boat. You better be careful and know how to pack. I learned so much on these yearly trips. How to plan,pack and live small and simple. Those were some of the best days of my life.