Starbucks, Two Dollar Bills and Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Time to stand up for the second amendment folks and do so with two bucks, well actually some two dollar bills!  Most members of the prepper community are strong supporters of the second amendment, we get really po’d when a company steps on it right?  There have been boycotts and petitions against companies that have infringed on our God given right to self defense.

Let me ask you though, should we not also rally around and support companies, specifically “yuppie companies” that stand firm on the recognition of our right to self defense and the 2nd amendment?

Well, I only know of one “yuppy company” that has done so, it is of course Starbucks.  Now I tend to make my own coffee, though I do buy their grinds but on February 14th, I will drive down to Hot Springs with a pocket full of 2 dollar bills and buy a cafe Americano (my favorite) and if I see any LEOs, military folks or anyone else that just looks like a good person I will buy them a drink too.

I find it Particularly Fitting that the 2 Dollar Bill Depicts the Signing of the Declarion on its Back

I find it Particularly Fitting that the 2 Dollar Bill Depicts the Signing of the Declaration of Independence

Why?  It is part of what is being called,  “Starbucks 2A for $2 Appreciation Day”.  Of course that 2A stands for the second amendment.  Starbucks has been under constant pressure by gun haters like the Brady Campaign to disallow arms in their stores, thus far they have presented a latte foam coated middle finger in response.

The gun haters are confused, I mean they figure a good old liberal yuppie business like Starbucks should listen to their customer core and ban all guns.  The reality is Starbucks is respecting the law and their customers both.  I talk to fellow hunters, outdoors-men, military personal, etc. all the time when I visit Starbucks.   Here in Hot Springs the line is out the door on the first day of deer season.

The idea behind “Starbucks 2A for $2 Appreciation Day”, is simple go to Starbucks, buy a cup or two with some $2 dollar bills and let the folks there know you are part of “Starbucks 2A for $2 Appreciation Day”.  I plan to take it a step further and hang out a while and buy some other deserving folks a cup of their favorite beverage and let them know why as well.  Like I said we as a group get up in a wad pretty fast when someone obstructs the 2nd, now I ask will you show you support for a company that is standing up against a large portion of their own customers?  I sure as hell will.

I first learned about this movement from a listener who provided me with a link to “The Truth about Guns Blog”, you can see the full details behind Starbucks 2A for $2 Appreciation Day on their Blog.

One note, at the blog post above it says it is easy to get 2 Dollar bills at local banks, etc.  However, on facebook I have already been told that many banks seem to not have any.  2 Dollar bills are not rare or anything, but most people pull them from circulation simply because they are not something you see every day.   Let me just say, turning up and spending a few bucks and showing support is the real point here.  If you can’t get twos go anyway, just let the clerk know why you are there and explain you couldn’t come up with any two dollar bills.  The two dollar bill part is clever but showing support in mass in the real point.

So what is up with the “flowers” part of the post title?  Guys, that is just Jack looking out for you.  In your fervor to support the 2nd don’t forget the 14th is Valentines day.   So send your wife, girlfriend, etc. flowers and if you are smart and she works have them delivered there.  Woman I have found love flowers but they seem to love being seen receiving flowers even more.  Prepping means avoiding disaster as much as responding to it.  This is one time where prevention is easy, don’t say old Jack didn’t tell you if you screw it up now.

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  1. I had NO IDEA Starbucks was supporting the 2nd Amendment. Thanks for pointing this out.

    Now, I’ll make a plan to go there and buy my morning java on the way to work. Thanks for pointing this one out.

    • EXCELLENT! Very creative, no matter who came up with it. “It takes courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more courage to stand up to your friends” [Thank you, Professor Dumbledore].
      I will force myself and my wife to go get an iced tea (or three) that day. I will also jump in on the chance to say “THANK YOU!” to a first responder with a cup of something.

  2. mike williams

    That’s cool I do drink there coffee glad to here that .

  3. I too had no idea Starbucks is pro 2nd Amendment. I will purchase their coffee from now on. It’s worth a few extra bucks to stand with a company that stands for our gun rights.

  4. Jack, the last paragraph had us in hysterics. Flowers are a magical thing. My wife noticed our neighbor on the elevator yesterday with a bouquet and a card that read, “Sorry for being stupid”.

    Thanks for looking out for us… again.

  5. Jack,
    Do you think If I can’t get a 2 dollar bill, I can write in red letters “Support 2nd Amend.” on my dollar bills to pay for my Starbucks ?

  6. Jack,

    It just occurred to me that the best way to preserve the 2nd amendment is to create a day to honor it, perhaps in July or May. Once it takes a life of its own, it’ll be harder for governments to confiscate arms.

  7. Who would have thought. I don’t usually get coffee from them, but next time I go to the local Barnes and Noble to buy a book (they have a Starbucks coffee bar inside) , I’ll be sure to buy a cup. Now I don’t know about Barnes and Noble’s policy, but if they side the other way… problem, because there is a full Starbucks about 150 ft. away in the same strip mall, and I’ll just slide in there. LOL

  8. I haven’t seen much in the way of Starbucks saying they support the 2nd amendment. More so that they support state/local law and if a law says you can or cannot do X, Starbucks policy is to abide by that law. By not banning something doesn’t necessarily mean they support it. In an email I sent a year ago on this topic thanking them for not banning firearms from their store they took a very very neutral stance in their reply. I feel that this stance is what we will should support and do what we can to over ride any negative financial affect this bullying is trying to inflict on them.

  9. Jason from PA

    Ignore my call in Jack. I see you already got it posted. My bad for not checking the blog first and bore-@$$ing your time.

  10. Way to go Starbucks!

  11. Check out this site, of a way to show some support for Starbucks and get some interesting looks from people. I bought some of their gear for myself and as a gift for a buddies birthday. BTW, I’m not affiliated with them in any way.

  12. We just had a issue in Milwaukee, WI that shows someone is doing the right thing. I will be going to Starbucks and doing the same thing Jack is.

  13. Jack I hate to confuse the situation, but flowers on Valentine’s Day really depends upon the woman. If my spouse were to get me roses I would appreciate them, but in truth I’d much rather he spent the money to get me a cherry tree or some blueberry bushes. Maybe I’m just weird though. 🙂

  14. I’ll be participating in NJ, though obtaining a $2 bill will probably be just as difficult as exercising the 2A here.

    In case you didn’t hear they’re trying to Ban ammo as well, to the point that if the AG “thinks” it can do harm, they would have the authority to ban it.

    (b) after testing, the Attorney General determines poses a threat to the safety and well being of law enforcement officers because of the materials, be they metallic or nonmetallic, used in its composition or because its ogive, core or jacket are of a design, construction or formulation which makes it capable of breaching or penetrating body armor, is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree

  15. I always tell my male friends to send flowers for their sweetie to work–not only do they love being seen receiving flowers, as you said, but then all day long their friends/coworkers keep saying “oh, Johnny is so sweet sending you those flowers. What a great guy!” which is great positive reinforcement on how awesome you are 😉

  16. I work for Starbucks and while they really do treat us employees well (or partners as the company calls us), they definitely DO NOT support my second amendment rights. As a customer off the clock I can walk in gun strapped to waist and they wouldn’t say a word. Yet if I tried to carry while on their time (even if concealed and somebody found out) I would be canned in an instant. They only support the 2nd amendment because they have to abide by the law with customers, but that is not the case with partners. I think this is totally illogical as I often close and have to go out into a dark parking lot usually with only one other person (always a female) and have no way of protecting us from creepers. I have to rely on all my other skill sets (situational awareness, tactical parking, confrontation avoidance, etc.) without the option of last resort if SHTF. Kind of silly don’t ya think? But by all means don’t stop visiting your local SBUX, because all things considering they are an amazing company.

    • Modern Survival

      @B. Roberts,

      No I actually understand that fully. Clearly you haven’t run a business and have no idea of the liability issues incurred when you let an employee carry specifically in a consumer facing retail business. They can call you partners and I am sure the sentiment is there but the law considers you an employee and if they openly allow you to carry my latte goes up about 35% to cover the additional cost of liability insurance.

      Now on the, “they are only following the law”, sorry you are totally and completely wrong. In every state with carry regs any private business can post a sign that says you can’t carry inside their business. This is done by a lot of companies, trust me I have seen it for myself in many instances. There is nothing preventing anyone from posting a no carry notice on private property in any state that I know of. So if Starbucks wanted to ban customers carrying in their stores all it would take is a sign citing the states specific regulation covering the issue.

      This is explained to students very clearly when you take the course for concealed carry.

  17. I just called my bank and they have 2300 $2 bills on hand (and this is a small regional bank) so I would think they are easier to get than many people think. I think it will help with our statement if we actually pay with $2 bills. So while I agree that even if you don’t have $2 bills to pay with you go anyway but I think we should all make a little extra effort to use $2 bills.

    Thanks again Jack for all you do..

    • Just checked with my PNC branch. No $2 bills on hand, but the manager said she would order them. They’ll be in late next Tuesday – plenty of time for 2A day at Starbucks (across the street).

  18. OK, I’m in. I have a Starbucks close to my office and I’ll let them know.

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  20. The day Jack anounced this on his show,
    I got a 2 dollar bill in change.

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  22. Posted to my FB and will tell all my other gun weilding friends! 😉

  23. My CCW crew is on board. Went by the bank and picked up the 2’s. Ready for the 14th. Will also be my birthday so I consider this a great birthday trip.

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  25. I think there are some VERY DANGEROUS assumptions being made about starbucks.

    Let me start by saying that I’m glad they are allowing open carry.

    HOWEVER, the actual REASON for allowing that has NOTHING to do with their “support of 2A”.

    Instead it is a business philosophy to allow pretty much anyone into their stores to buy coffee. Their philosophy is that if you aren’t breaking the law and you want to buy their coffee they want to let you.

    While I applaud the philosophy, and while I absolutely believe that stores that allow open carry should be supported, I also think that everyone needs to understand that starbucks is not now, nor have they EVER been a 2A proponent!!!

    It is an issue they do not get involved with in anyway either for or against other than their philosophy of allowing any law-abiding citizen to buy their coffee.

    There are other smaller coffee places besides Starbucks that ACTUALLY AND TRULY support the 2A and personally I’d rather being supporting them.

    • Modern Survival

      @Matt, I find nothing about a counter boycott recognizing this company for not caving in to be “dangerous”. We really do get in our own damn way as gun owners often. Nothing short of not only do we support gun ownership but we require you to prove you have a gun on before you come in seems to be enough for many.

  26. … hunting, killing villains, scaring bullies… there is no need to bring your gun into Starbucks! End of.

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  28. Posting this from Starbucks by UW-Milwaukee in Milwaukee, WI on 2/14/2012. I am carrying and did show support with $2 bills. Hope everyone else is enjoying the fancy coffee (and what our support of it represents) as much as I am!
    — Matthew

  29. Went to 2 different Starbucks in Stillwater , MN . They had no idea what I was talking about. I could go upline to the store manager but she didn’t have an email on biznitz card!

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