The Sportsman 1000 Watt Generator is on Sale at Home Depot for 150 Bucks — 14 Comments

  1. I see in the description it is not recommended above 3000ft altitude.

    Anyone have any experience? I live between 5500 and 7500 above sea level.


  2. READ EVERYTHING JACK SAID TWICE !!!   Everything he said is 100% SPOT ON.   This thing is Harris and Spirko APPROVED.   

    I own 2 of them.  This exact model.   Not only is it my backup generator its my generator that I let my neighbors use so they don’t have to suck power off my honda for my house.   

    If you can afford the $150 bucks dont think about it, don’t question it, just fricken get it.


  3. I have the 1000w inverter. Did everything we needed last outage except coffee. Tough luck, had to use the French press. I will be picking up the 2000w inverter for $300 if Sam’s club does it again on black friday.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered one.

    Also, on conventional vs. inverter. Inverter generators are generally much safer for electronics with microprocessors.

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