Special Announcement – Details for the Early Meet and Greet in Hickory, NC

We are doing doing a special Meet and Greet Saturday Sept. 15th at the Self Reliance Expo in Hickory North Carolina.

At this event you can meet me and other TSP members. You can also get into the event 30 minutes before the rest of the attendees of the Expo and get the best seating for my 12 planks of modern survivalism and shake hands with some well known members of the prepping community including TSP Expert Council Members and Prior Show Guests.

Confirmed Guests so Far Include…

This meet and greet is for ANY AND ALL members of the TSP audience not just MSB.  Just show up about 8:15 in the entry area and there will be a sign for the meet and greet, at 8:30 either Ron or Scott will come escort you in early.Please don’t miss out on one of the biggest opportunities here and that is to meet EACH OTHER.

While I will be at the show pretty much all day both days and easy to find, finding other TSP audience members may not be as easy as spotting me.  Given the location of this event, odds are most people attending this event will be local to your area.  Please make sure to network with each other and establish some new off line, real world relationships.

Register for the Event or Buy Tickets to the Show

You can get tickets at the door or buy them online in advance on the Self Reliance Expo Website.  You can also RSVP on our Facebook event page, you don’t have to RSVP but doing so will help us be better prepared for an expected head count.

After the Show Brew Pub Meetups

After the show we will be doing some get togethers as well at two local brew pubs, one each night.  I am pretty sure we will be doing the two locations below, which night for each and what time will be posted later this week.  When we do that we will set up Facebook Event Pages for them as well, but for now here are the two locations we are pretty dead set on for the meet ups.  Both are only about 10 minutes away from the event location.

6 Responses to Special Announcement – Details for the Early Meet and Greet in Hickory, NC

  1. We are excited to be there and look forward to meeting you!

  2. [delete this comment after]
    Definitely no insulting, just a friendly note 😉 –
    Everything else here is spot on, so just 2 seconds to touch up a smidget:
    The heading should be “Special”.

  3. Hey Jack, just wait till you see the decor of the Tap Room,look up at the bar.It is one of my favorite places to try new brews. My fav, Hickory Stick Stout !! Ever dine in a beer barrel ? You can at Amos Howards. Take a growler back to the hotel with you.You should also check out the Mellow Mushroom. close to where you are staying. great pizza. Can’t wait to meet ya. Kev

  4. Hey Jack,
    What about having some “I’m a TSP Member” or something similar Sticker folks could pick up at your booth so TSP community members could ID each other through out the event?