Special Deal on Ballistic Striking DVDs for TSP Listeners

As many of you know in my prior position with FS Media I worked with and continue to work with Val Riazanov in the production of his DVD Series called Ballistic Striking.  Val’s site is Valriazanov.com and you can check out the things he has going on there.

However as I reported in a few episodes (Specifically Episode 416 – Dealing With Violent Confrontations)  we spent this summer developing a new 5 Disk Series called “Advanced Ballistic Striking”, the disks sell for 24.95 a piece and you can buy all 5 on a special price of $134.95.  Of course while I don’t take a salary from FS Media any longer I still have some pull so I got a special package deal for TSP members.  Right now for the month of October you can get the entire set for only $115.99.  Details Here

The Five Disk Set Includes…

  • Advanced Ballistic Striking Vol 1 – Drop your opponent by learning Systema’s One Strike Philosophy
  • Advanced Ballistic Striking Vol 2 – Deal with multiple attackers at the same time and destroy their will to fight
  • Advanced Ballistic Striking Vol 3 – Learn to absorb your opponent’s attack and then end them with counter-strikes
  • Dealing with Armed Opponents Vol 4 – Fearlessly disarm anyone with a weapon and survive a deadly encounter
  • Combat Grappling Seminar Vol 5 – Crush opponents into submission with unstoppable holds, locks, and grapples

For those that have not heard me speak about Val before a brief bio is that he was part of the Olympic Judo Squad with the former Soviet Union, later was pressed into military service and became a trainer for both the KGB and Russian Special Forces.

Val is one of the most amazing people I have had the opportunity to become friends with.  I won’t promise that his DVDs will turn you into a KGB Agent but I can say it will change forever the way you think about self defense, real world violence and martial arts in general.

Also Bryan Black from ITS Tactical is featured in Volumes 3 and 4 and  I make a cameo appearance in Volume 4.

Also Val was featured in the September edition of Black Belt Magazine and you can see videos from Black Belt with Val Here.

For the TSP Only Special Price on the
Brand New 5 DVD Set Click Here

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