Some Videos About Comfrey

Comfrey - A Proven Medicinal Herb, With a Undeserved Bad Reputation.

Comfrey is an Amazing Plant.

Did you know that TSP Workshops has its own Flickr and YouTube channels?  The fact is there are thousands of photos and hundreds of videos on them all from students of workshops at the TSP homestead.

I figured I would share a few videos with you about comfrey to help answer some questions that have come in since I did my episode on Comfrey.  These are all from the most recent workshop.  If you like these consider coming to our Food Forest Extension workshop this fall.

The first one covers the comfrey tractor concept that I have pretty much given up on and also covers stuff other than comfrey.  The next two are better videos for those specifically interested in just comfrey but I included this one because it shows the pots the comfrey cuttings you see in the other videos were grown in.  The reason I want to move fast with the pot is it had been colonized with fire ants and was absolutely full of them!

The plant in this video was one of the ones from the fire ant pot.  Just one of the three.

In the last video I show some other root cutting I got from a similar part earlier in the year and show some of the plants and crowns I bought from Coe’s Comfrey and how I take additional root cuttings from his plants before planting them.

4 Responses to Some Videos About Comfrey

  1. Hey Jack, if you recall I shared the eBay link on where I bought some comfrey and the seller had it labeled Comfrey 10. Well he replied to be and said that it is comfrey 14 and that the 10 was for quantity for sale. Just wanted to follow up with you. Also I would like to thank you for waking me from my American slug slumber. I started to listen to you right after my dad past away 2 years ago and your show helped me get through that hard time while “rebooting” my mind. I’m and Eagle Scout and I grew up redneck but somewhere along the line I got lost and wrapped up in our current American culture. I was miserable but now I could not be happier. I’ve knocked the rust off my many skills and you’ve jarred my memory on a ton of knowledge that was almost lost. Again, thanks Jack you’re the best!

  2. Just planted about 20 crowns of Bocking 14 from Horizon to guild with my fruit trees. I would have taken some cuttings, but honestly it was so hot, I just wanted to get them in the ground. Thanks for this and the comfrey show.

  3. How long do the cuttings store in bags/jars with moisture?

    • Modern Survival

      Ive done it for a few months in a refrigerator. The quicker you can get it in the ground though the best. I put it in a jar or a zip lock with a damp paper towel or too.