SOE Micro Rig with Free TSP T-shirt and Patch

rigTSP Gear Shop has tapped into the inventory at Survival Gear Bags and is making a limited number of SOE AK/M4 Micro Rigs available. You also get your choice of a Free T-shirt and Free Patch, as well as, free shipping.

This deal is good only for in-stock colors and only while supplies last. Get yours before they sell out!

Also be sure to check out some of the t-shirts for 299 Days. We have the I Miss America shirt and there is also a new shirt featuring “The Team” from 299 Days. Perfect for spreading the word about 299 Days or outfitting those who make up your own “Team”.



6 Responses to SOE Micro Rig with Free TSP T-shirt and Patch

  1. I was wearing my “I Miss America” t-shirt to Costco the other day and as I was leaving, the guy checking at the door nodded and said, ” Me, too”. It was awesome!

  2. is this a bag or a chest rack?

  3. Dennis McQuillen

    I think I know the answer to this question but is a ten book series at $10 a pop really worth the price? I want to read it but $100 could go to some desperately needed supplies.

    Also I saw James Yeager do a Video with the I Miss America shirt and he even mentioned where he got it.

  4. At this point we have only 3 black left and 1 OD.

  5. OD is now sold out. 3 Black Micro Rigs are still available.