SO Tech Mission Go Bag – Special Deal

nationThrough TSP Gear Shop you can now get the
SO Tech Mission Go Bag, plus a FREE T-shirt and FREE Patch of your choice. Price includes shipping. Order today!

nationTSP Gear Shop has teamed up with SO Tech to bring in a custom version of their Mission Go Bag. This bag makes a perfect EDC bag and holds an absolute ton of gear. Also makes a great Medical Kit, Camera Case, Tool Bag or whatever you can come up with. There are 22 bags available for this special. Bags are Ranger Green, with OD webbing, Foliage buckles and edge accents, and Black zipper pulls. Be sure to check out the video to see all the features, and way the bag can be used. It can convert to a waist pack or mount to a plate carrier or other MOLLE gear.

nationOur last special like this for SOE Micro Rigs sold out in just a few days, so visit the store today, before they are all gone. TSP Gear Shop

2 Responses to SO Tech Mission Go Bag – Special Deal

  1. Want it, want it want it! Now. . ..who’s volunteering to convince the missus for me?? 😀

    Love to get a good n’ proper EDC bag. Every time I fill my pockets to go to work I literally have a “full battle rattle” goin’ on.

  2. Cant afford it…..