So Exactly What Is a Paleo Diet?

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Check Out My Article, What is a Paleo Diet at BrinkOfFreedom.

A recent episode of TSP sparked a lot of questions as to what really is and what isn’t a “paleo diet”.  My contention is paleo is far more a concept then a diet.  A concept used by many different people as a foundation as to the diet they eventually build for themselves.

Consider the claim made by some that “paleo diets are based on only lean meat with no added animal fats and no dairy”.  This is an over simplification based on a misinterpretation that one or two authors get to wholly define paleo.   To say that “paleo is low fat, low carb and high protein”, would be like saying a vegan diet is based on soy and rice and raw vegetables”

Do many vegans eat soy and rice and raw vegetables?  Yes.  Do all of them?  No.

To help clear up what is and isn’t paleo I have authored a very in depth article over at  It is called simply, “What Is a Paleo Diet“.  Give it a read and I think it will help shine a light on a subject that is quite confusing to many.

What Is a Paleo Diet?

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