Episode-31- Small Livestock and Wild Protein Sources

Today we discuss 3 different options for keeping small livestock and several different sources of wild game and fish. I also do a brief rant about the nonsense coming out of both campaigns in reference to “off shore drilling” just to keep things interesting. Tune in today to learn…

  • About keeping chickens for meat or even just for eggs
  • The importance of keeping your animals protected from predators
  • A new idea for a portable chicken coop that works with raised bed gardening
  • Thoughts about keeping rabbits
  • A few ideas on small scale aquaculture
  • Methods of fishing that are actually profitable
  • Where the humble squirrel fits into homestead protein needs
  • Thoughts on the whitetail deer and its’ extensive range
  • Where do groundhogs, opossums and raccoons fit in the mix
  • Trotlining and Jug Fishing for more productive catfish harvests
  • A bit about white bass as an everyday high volume fishing option

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3 Responses to Episode-31- Small Livestock and Wild Protein Sources

  1. As to your points about aquaculture you may want to look into aquaponics.

    Get to know Aquaponics

    aquaculture + hydroponics

  2. Along with a few friends we are looking at keeping chickens. My only real worries are rats!! They love all the free food that can be around chickens. Having just got rid of some rats I am not in a rush to help them out. I have got rid of my bird feeders for instance at the rat man’s advice!!

  3. Modern Survival

    The solution to the rat problem is a GOOD cat or two. We have a few “wood rats” and “cotton rats” (native to Texas)around and some mice that seem to hit up the bird feeders. They don’t seem to multiply much though because our cat (big male tabby named Ralph) takes great delight in eliminating them.