Six Last Minute Gift Ideas for Preppers

Wow it is December 17th!  Christmas will be here in just 8 days.  I figured I would post some items you can get on for preppers and modern survivalists that I have acquired over the last year and can definitely recommend.   All of these are great values and I guarantee you they will make anyone who loves the TSP lifestyle smile.


Pick One – Lights Out by David Crawford Price $19.85. I found out this was now in hard copy just a few days ago, it ordered it with standard shipping and it was here in 48 hours flat.  This is a great book anyone who enjoys survivalist fiction will love.

This just in! Many have stated they would love a Kindle Version of this book, well Amazon now has one.  It just doesn’t come up with the main book for some reason but you can get the Kindle Version of Lights Out Here.  The great news is the Kindle Version is only $7.99

Get Lights Out By David Crawford on Amazon


Pick Two – Wagan PowerDomeEX Price $106.46 – Buy one for a friend or loved one or for yourself.  This item belongs in your car, your truck and definitely in the vehicle of your kids if you have young ones on the road.  You can see a review I did of this product on Youtube here.  This is one of the most versatile and practical preparedness items I have found.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Get the Wagan PowerDome EX on Amazon


Pick ThreeThe UTG Ranger Field Bag – Price $40.01 – What a value, this bag is tough as nails and huge, I am talking carry a small child inside it huge.  I have been meaning to do a review of this bag but have not gotten to it yet but every review of it online is exceptional.  This is the ultimate in a really big bug out bag or vehicle kit.  Trust me this bag is one of the best values on the market today.  It is available in Army Digital Camo, Woodland Camo and my personal favorite Black.

Get The UTG Ranger Field Bag on


Pick Four – The Cold Steel American Lawman G10 – Price $65.77 – I bought one of these for my brother-in-law for his birthday this year and decided to order two and keep one for myself.  Good call!  This is now my EDC folder, it is way more practical than the Spartan I had been carrying and it is tough as nails.  Check out this video Cold Steel put out on the Lawman.

Get The Cold Steel Lawman G10 on Amazon


Pick Five – Leupold Yosemite Binoculars in either 6-Power or in 8 – Power Price $76.05 $93.62 – I upgraded my binoculars to a set of these this year and wow, the glass is unbelievably clear.  They to me are the perfect size avoiding to small or too bulky.  Since I hunt mostly in forest I went with a 6X pair if you get out more on the plains consider perhaps the 8X version.    Here is a video I did about these binoculars.

Get the 6X Version on AmazonGet the 8X Version on Amazon


Pick Six The Excalibur Dehydrator in either 5-Tray or 9-Tray versions Price $149.99 – $185.45 –  A more expensive item then everything else here for sure but I know when I got mine it put a HUGE smile on my face and heck I had to buy mine for myself.  Don’t underestimate the capacity of the less expensive 5 tray version either.   It is very seldom that I completely fill all 9 trays and I give my dehydrator a severe work out.  Oh did I mention they come with a lifetime warranty on the motor?

Get the 5 Tray VersionGet the 9 Tray Version


Bonus Stocking StufferGerber EAB LitePrice $11.40 – I reviewed the EAB not long ago but at 11 bucks if you need some prepper stocking stuffer it bears yet another mention.  I personally use mine as a money clip and it sure has taken a load off of my main knife.  Here is the video where I reviewed the EAB.

Get The EAB at


Well there you go if you are stuck for last minute ideas any of those would suit most preppers.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!  I am now officially out for the weekend!

22 Responses to Six Last Minute Gift Ideas for Preppers

  1. I ment to post this on your page yesterday but got busy. It seems they have recalled the Gerber EAB. Here is a link to academy sports. Hopefully nobody has gotten hurt by this.

  2. I just looked at it closer. It apears to be two different misled by the photo. I guess the might of fixed it, I guess just make sure of which model you pick up

  3. Modern Survival

    @BlueEyeDevil the recall is for older units. By the very nature of a recall the model effected would no longer be available in major channels.

    I also think you can blame lawyers for the recall. I mean gee you can cut yourself with a razor, who knew?

  4. Jack, is there a reason you recommend the Excalibur 2900 versus the 3900 or the 3926 with the timer? We are getting an Excalibur for Christmas this year.

  5. Modern Survival

    @Berlan, no they are all good, but the timer just isn’t that important to me. There is no such thing as something be over dehydrated so I just figure it isn’t worth the extra money. But that is a personal choice.

  6. Thanks for listing these items, Jack.
    BTW, my Swiss Army knife arrived yesterday. It has now become my new favorite everyday carry knife!

  7. good idea about the money clip… i was wanting a money clip and one that doubles as a knife is good stuff.

  8. regarding the timer, you can get one at any hardware store for $10

  9. Jack,
    I, too, would like the hardback of Lights Out. Amazon shows only the paperback. From whom did you order the hb version?

  10. Modern Survival


    I said Hard Copy, not Hard Back.

  11. Amazon dropped the Wagan back down to $90!

  12. Ooops from me. Sorry. I think my age is showing, not catching the distinction between hard copy and compter copy. You young guys.
    Thanks for your response. Merry Christmas!

  13. @Orion53

    Thanks. I just pulled the trigger and bought it.

  14. Mile High Mike

    If you are going to buy an Excalibur note they have many models. Ignoring the International and Japanese version, I think they have four basic models: The economic, economic with timer(?), deluxe, and deluxe with timer models.

    The deluxe model seems to be made better (judging on comments) and may be quieter due to better materials.

    For serious foodies the timer is unneeded/unwanted so you can save money there. If the timer turns off the unit during the night, the food may slightly rehydrate and may not be optimal for packaging.

    Also from comments, the bigger one is louder and very very bulky. So if you are going to use this in your kitchen, get the smaller versions.

    I just bought the 9-tray deluxe from the Excalibur site as they had a year end special that I couldn’t pass up.

    Also, Amazon just dropped their price on the Wagan Powerdome EX to $91 so I picked one up as well.

  15. It’s a bit expensive ($119), but a great intuitive way to teach your body where true north is at all times.

  16. @14 I just saw the decreased price on the powerdome, too, but unfortunately it won’t arrive in time for Christmas. Teaches me to wait ’til the last minute.

  17. I’m having problems logging into the forum and cannot post there to receive help for it, so I hope it’s okay to post in a comment here.

    I’ve forgotten my password, and never did set a “secret question”. When I follow the steps to reset my password the link I’m emailed turns out to be the same page that says to type in your username to have an email sent containing the link to reset your password. I’ve tried it multiple times, it just continues to lead me in circles.

    If someone there would be so kind as to see if it’s a bug that’d be great. 🙂

  18. Modern Survival

    Clearly I can’t help you here publicly. Email me your username and I will take care of it for you.

    email to jack at

  19. Bought the kindle version of “Lights Out” two days ago. I cannot put it down. DO NOT BUY this book if you want to remain a productive member of society. You will not want to stop reading. I’m blowing through it.

    Thanks for the recommendation Jack.

  20. Love my UTG ranger bag. Have had one for a few years now, and it gets great use being thrown around. The thing is a staple piece of gear.

  21. I was ordering Lights Out on Amazon, and in the ‘Consumers who bought this also bought:’ what do I see? Gerber EAB Lite!

    I guess TSP is the only thing that really connects the two. At least it did for me. Gerber is making good money with Jack as its unnoficial reviewer!

  22. I downloaded the kindle sample version of Lights Out last night and I’m now kicking myself in the butt for not buying the whole book. This is the first non-fantasy (dragon and wizard type) book i have read and love it! Ordering the full book as soon as i get home.