Episode-226- Six Events To Keep An Eye On

Today we are doing a bit of a change up and taking a moment to look around and see what the heck is going on in the world politically and economically.  I will cover six events that are getting little to no reall discussion in the main stream media.

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Tune In Today To Hear About…

  • UG99 a fungus that could kill off much of the world’s wheat crops
  • Gold drops in value when people use it, what that means to you
  • You think China can’t build a good car, they just built an Airbus 320 with 9 more to come this year
  • Oil just dropped, speculators don’t always get their way, here is why
  • Obama gets credit for the planned withdrawal from Iraq, why that is a blatant lie (see links in the resources section for proof)
  • Stock to go up today (unless a bomb is dropped), why, Moody’s says so

Resources for Today’s Show

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9 Responses to Episode-226- Six Events To Keep An Eye On

  1. Great show today!

  2. Foxy Huntress

    Silver…invest in silver. Canadian coins are silver also; if you live near the border ask for Canadian change.
    Also mercury dimes (know as junk silver.)

  3. Huntress:

    Sorry but Canada eliminated it’s silver content from it’s coins in the late 1960’s. About 3 years after the USA.

    Just as with here in the US, some of those old coins still come back as change. I always do a quick scan just in case. Just the other day I got a 1943 Nickel which was actually made with silver during WW2.

    Here’s a handy Website that defines just how much silver a given USA or Canadian coin contains and also it’s “melt” value based on current prices.
    A great tool to determine iif you are getting ripped off by a dealer too.


    It actually covers all the metal content. Save those solid copper pennies(pre-1983) they actually are worth more than a penny right now and at copper’s peak were worth about 3 cents each.


  4. Jack, you’re right about China and I am grateful that you are sounding the alarm. If you get a chance look at Three Billion New Capitalists, it discusses this in detail though I think you have a good grasp on the situation.

    However, the world has been deleveraging itself against our dollar for a while now and I don’t see a global currecny likely inside of the next 10 years.

    Jack, we are in a major paradigm shift. I would be interested in seeing you and members discuss how to deleverage ourselves as individuals against the united states economy.

    I think that this includes leaving America, imho.


  5. Jack:

    I agree that long-term the US is heading toward economic irrelevance in the world and that the economic decline will be gradual. Noticeable but gradual.

    But I think political instability is an important thing to factor in. Right now, a small portion of the population (like your listeners) get what’s going on, and we’re pissed. That number is growing but won’t ever be a majority because the sheeple are greedy, unprincipled idiots. At some point, we will have enough and things will get ugly. Not sure what form the ugliness will take; I’m praying for peaceful change. Think Venezula or Russia. That’s the political instability and thuggery I foresee for the US.

    We must prepare for this political instability while we simultaneously prepare for the economic decline. Luckily, most preps cover both, like growing your own food. So, while I agree we’re not going into a Mad Max scenario tomorrow, during the long-term economic slide we will have bursts of political instability. And they might be violent. You can die just as easy from rioters or government-supported goon squads as you can from a fungus reducing wheat supply.

    You have always urged people to prepare for anything–political, economic, natural disaster, personal disasters. I just wanted to add the political threats to your portrait of the of the long-term slide.

  6. @Foxy Huntress, I would check on whether Canadian currency is silver (maybe old coins are, say pre-1965 or so) based. From what I know (I’m a Canadian), most coin has been nickel based for decades.
    Jack, regarding UG99, what would be your suggestions for a crop that people can look to as a replacement for wheat if the impact of UG99 upon the world crop is significant? Is Amaranth affected or Kamut (both, I believe are progenators and/or relatives of wheat). Also, are there types of wheat (perhaps Red Fife) that are less susceptible to it?

  7. Just for people’s interest, here’s a link I found that maps the UG99 distribution: http://www.cimmyt.org/gis/rustmapper/RustMapper_Web.html

  8. Modern Survival

    @HeavyG I don’t disagree with a single word of that, not one.

    @BlackMacX, Thanks for your input stellar as always.

    On the silver issue I am pretty sure Foxy meant you can get silver Canadian coins, not that all of them were silver.

  9. Jack,

    Here\’s an interesting article about GMO crops and how the Vatican has embraced them as a means of helping feed the world\’s hungry.


    Thought it might provide you with an interesting alternative perspective.