Site Redesign In Progress

Over the next day the site will change a bit, there will be some glitches to clean up.  For instance I know the header graphic is kind of jacked up and I am going to fix it, 500 comments about it are not necessary.

When you install a new theme, especially a custom one there is always some stuff to clean up.  We will get to it in time, the key is everything will work during this period you just may notice a few things out of place, here and there.


8 Responses to Site Redesign In Progress

  1. I am crossing my fingers and hoping it includes a mobile version so I can bookmark it on my iPhone…….Thanks for all you do Jack and staffers…….. 🙂

  2. Modern Survival

    @Mike C. I added a mobile plugin, this will greatly simplify what the site looks like on the web, let me know if you like it?

  3. I love the new look, and the mobile version works great on my Blackberry. Keep up the great work!

  4. I again with clayfarmer…mobile version worked great on my Blackberry. So much easier to navigate! Thanks

  5. Love the new version, it looks great on my android! Much easier to navigate now using the mobile version

  6. I’m not a fan of the mobile version. I visit the website on my iPhone as well as listen to the podcast from it through the website. The main thing I don’t like about the mobile version is it doesn’t let me go backward or forward to the next post-I have to either go back to the main page and select the new episode or constantly select the full version button at the bottom of the page. This isn’t that big of a deal when listening to the current podcasts, but when going through the older podcasts it can get cumbersome.
    I’m in the MSB and have thought about downloading the zip files, but I like reading the comments and all and seeing the different blog posts that aren’t podcasts.

  7. On second thought, should have asked this in my comment above.

    Is there a way to tell my phone to not access the mobile version of the website?