Show Will Be Late Today

Why will the show be late today?  In simple terms because I am an awesome husband!  Seriously though, I am sending Dorothy and her sister on a vacation alone together.  They have never been able to do this and I thought they should.

This now leads me to having to drive to DFW Airport this morning at the worst possible time, if I am lucky I will be back to start my day at about 10:30 vs. my typical 6:30-7:00 start time on a typical morning.

So the show will be published today just a great deal later than typical for a Monday.

12 Responses to Show Will Be Late Today

  1. InfectedToe

    Maybe you should do an ‘old school’ in-the-car episode. 🙂

  2. SleeplessEagle

    I agree 🙂

  3. minorweston

    This is the absolutely the right reason to be late publishing show.

    hehe OH OH Content relationship management as a survival skill. Because mismanaging your relationship with your partner(wife, girlfriend, etc) may not kill you but you may sure wish it would

  4. I hope he records this in the car with his 2 guests to inject their opinion here and there.

    Is it just me or is everyone chomping at the bit for a throwback in-the-car episode?

  5. Brent Eamer

    Yes, especially with the traffic, the cussing will be at a whole new level (After the ladies exit the vehicle)

  6. Terry Perrin

    I am glad that Dorothy gets a vacation. She will come back ready to get back in the swing of things fully recharged.

  7. Anthropological husbandry is a better survival skills than animal husbandry, so your excuse is you are out in the field working on survival skills.

  8. Awesome husband, sounds like you are clearing out the house for some man time 🙂 LOL

  9. Dan Hunter

    Take your time Mr Jack it will be here for a long time.

  10. Michigan listener

    Priorities are in the right place, Jack. Family trumps work most of the time…a happy wife is a happy life.

  11. You are an awesome husband!! Thanks hubby!

  12. Have a good bachelor week! When the wifes away… Jack will play… or just work more!