Episode-332- Seven Bad Pieces of Financial Advice

Join me today as we discuss 7 pieces of career, lifestyle and financial advice that most people simply assume is good advice because “everybody says so”.  Much of this advice isn’t exactly wrong, it just doesn’t work in the one size fits all way it is handed out by the semi informed and countless marketing efforts.

Join in today as we discuss advice such as…

  • Due to inflation and wage increases debtors do better then savers
  • Wealthy people lease cars instead of buying them, you should too
  • Going to college is for everyone and guarantees better earnings then not going
  • Once you have a 90 day cash fund put all other savings into a retirement account
  • Buying mutual funds diversifies your investments by investing in many companies and mutual funds are run by experts who actively act to maximize profits and reduce risk
  • Due to __________ put all your money into ___________
  • Find the job that pays the highest wage you can get

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  1. “This is not my path… these are not my stars. I am standing in the wrong place, the stars do not look familiar.”

    Great quote.