Episode-2147- Seed Starting Primer for 2018

Last week we talked about a lot of great new plants to grow for 2018 so today is a good time to talk about starting all those seeds you’ve ordered or will be ordering this month.  Today’s show was prompted by a question about leggy seedlings of tomatoes grown for market sales, but I think it will help everyone.

Today’s show includes a segment from a show back in 2012.  I am doing this to help save my voice during my cold (dubbed snot slinger flu).  More so however, because I think this information is imperative to understanding how to get best results with seed starting, and frankly the way I teach it hasn’t changed in all these years.

Join Me Today To Discuss…

  • Understanding how seeds germinate in the wild (this answers so many questions)
  • Setting up your seed starting systems
    • How much do you want/need to start
    • Indoors, garage, outdoors. green house
    • Lights (LED, T5, T8, Natural)
    • Heating (mats, space heating, etc)
  • Determining your starting dates
    • Determine last frost date
    • Plan at least one week later
    • Count backwards based on time to “set out”
  • Trouble shooting
    • Slow / Low germination
    • Leggy
    • Poor color
    • Mold, slime, etc.
  • Final thoughts

Resources for today’s show…

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One Response to Episode-2147- Seed Starting Primer for 2018

  1. I recommend everyone get Clyde’s Garden Planner.  It is only $5 and is great for knowing when to start or plant seeds and also tells the last time you can plant as well.  I took a red marker and drew a line for me last frost date so I don’t have to look it up every time I want to use the thing.  It only tells plant families and doesn’t cover everything – But it’s only $5,