Episode-2215- Survival Secrets of the CIA with Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson of Survival Escape and Evasion

Jason Hanson of Survival Escape and Evasion

Jason Hanson is the author of SPY SECRETS THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE: A Former CIA Officer Reveals Safety and Survival Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Protected.

Jason is a former CIA officer, security specialist, and successful contestant on ABC’s reality show Shark Tank.

Hanson teaches everyday citizens to defend themselves at his Spy Escape and Evasion school. He has been interviewed by major media outlets for his security expertise, including The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and The Huffington Post. He currently lives in Cedar City, Utah with his Family.

He joins us today to discuss his new book, Survive Like a Spy, threats to our safety, surviving a kidnapping and more.

Join Us Today to Discuss…

  • What is the #1 safety threat that Americans face right now
  • Why did the CIA to allow Jason to share stories in his books
  • What can the average person do to survive a kidnapping
  • How can you tell if you’re being followed
  • Is there a simple self-defense move that someone can do to stop an attacker
  • What can people do to protect themselves against cyber threats
  • How do spies recruit people to work for the United States
  • What items should who travel a lot bring with them for their safety
  • What is a dead drop and why do spies use them
  • What is the tactical Jason’s favorite self-defense tool
  • How long does it take to plan an actual CIA operation
  • What can you do to be better prepared for the crazy world we live in

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3 Responses to Episode-2215- Survival Secrets of the CIA with Jason Hanson

  1. Just as an FYI for those interested in taking Jason’s pen on an airplane, it didn’t work for me.  I made it through TSA once with the pen without incident, but the second time the agent had their supervisor look at it before giving it to me and allowing me to keep it.  The third time, the TSA agent refused to let me take the pen with me, so I had to leave security and take the pen back to my vehicle.  Jason’s company did a full refund of the pen, to their credit, but I just don’t want people to get the wrong idea.  I think that if you’re traveling on a plane, an ordinary metal pen is going to be 80-90% as effective in a self-defense situation, and TSA has no problem with one.

  2. Yo Jack, unrelated to this episode just wanted to drop a note and say how blown away I am by the people behind the Ridge Wallet so far. I was listening to yesterday’s episode and was like, “You know what, fine, Jack, you win, I’ll try one of these.” I ordered it this afternoon, and I shit you not they had shipped it and sent me a tracking number inside of about 10 minutes after I ordered. I’m usually super reluctant to buy things outside of Amazon as I’m so frickin’ impatient when it comes to how long some of these boutique online shops can take to actually ship. Definitely did not expect them to ship faster than Amazon!

    Anyway, hope it’s as cool as you say it is when it arrives. 😉

  3. This interview reminded me of one of the few things I appreciated about my old contractor job, namely the anti-terrorism, OPSEC, and security briefings & training.  Some of it was specific to the military and such, but most of it I felt was useful for anyone.  I haven’t seen the EXACT same briefings online, but if you do online searches for words “DoD security briefing”, “antiterrorism briefing”, “OPSEC awareness briefing”, and the like (or even “DoD counterintelligence awareness” if you want to go really far into it…), you will find similar (usually older) briefings that give much of the same information.  I’m sure Mr. Hanson’s courses are much more in-depth, but at least these online resources give an introduction to the material for those who are interested.