Season Three – Duck Chronicles Episode 20

We have a big episode today with a lot going on.  First, we “release the ducks” and check for both rats and the rat snake in the duck house, neither where present.   We then get caught up with the baby ducks and baby chickens.  The bantam chickens are being put out each morning in one of our prototype quail tractors (aka the QuailTrackr) and the turkeys are running about the 12th mission to date in the first chicken tractor I ever built.

If I ever build another one I would do a lot differently but this one is still going and still doing a great job so we just keep using it.
We take a look at the project Dorothy and I did this weekend, revamping the three flood and drain beds in the upper part of the aquatic system.

The expanded shale just wasn’t draining well.  I came up with a simple technique of sorting the lava rock so that the top half of the beds is made up of the smallest pieces.  It adds about 15 minutes of work per bed but you do it only once and the results are totally worth it.

We finish up in the greenhouse and the quail aviary.  The cucumbers are really starting to produce in the green house, in the aviary I show you how I am using “mule tape” to tie up the white hubbard squash that now putting on fruit like crazy.

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  1. Interesting stuff, enjoyable.