Sawtooth Tactical Now Offers 10% Off Everything to MSB Members

Sawtooth Tactical has been a great sponsor to TSP for a long time and has an exceptional record with taking care of our audience and community members with top quality products and exceptional customer service.  Well it gets even better because now Sawtooth offers all MSB Members a full 10% discount on all purchases.

For now their coupon will only work with their new site until they complete an upgrade of their primary site.  You can sue this coupon right away though at MSB Members will find the new discount code as always in the “Benefits” section of their MSB account.

Please take a minute in the comments below to say a quick thank you to Jeff at SawTac for being such a great sponsor, taking such good care of his customers and now for supporting the MSB with a great discount.

3 Responses to Sawtooth Tactical Now Offers 10% Off Everything to MSB Members

  1. Jeff and Sawtooth Tactical are awesome. Jeff did me right with an order. In fact, he saw from the TSP forum that I needed a particular item that was hard to find and he emailed me and offered this item to me. For a totally fair price. It came on time and with a little extra goodie. Totally solid guy and great company. Sawtooth is my go-to place for tactical stuff.

  2. spamity calamity

    Ten percent off is a pretty decent discount. Decent enough I might actually bother to log in to my MSB account to get the code. Big thanks to Sawtooth for doing this!

  3. Thanks for being a great sponsor!