S3 – Duck Chronicles – Episode 3 – A New Box of Ducks for Me

In Episode 3 of Season Three we start again at the post office picking up the balance of this week’s shipment of ducklings.  We will have one more round of ducks coming next week.

We then move on to the brooder.  Everyone from shipment one did well despite and over night low in the mid 30s.  It was warm enough inside the “Fortress of Duckatude”.  By 8 AM they were up partying at the feeders and waters and welcoming their new brooder mates by 9AM.

We finish with feeding the adult ducks, walking along the swale and peek at an upcoming meal for our Spring Workshop.

2 Responses to S3 – Duck Chronicles – Episode 3 – A New Box of Ducks for Me

  1. Fluffy stuff. Some questions for you.
    Out of say 100 chicks, how many would normall survive the first week, the first month and how many will survive to be adults. How long would it have been from when they left their vendor untill you unpacked them?
    Which color are for meat and which for eggs or does it matter.
    Does some duck breeds taste better than others ?

  2. Carson Liebenow

    With the large brooder how long will you keep them in there? 3 weeks? Are you having a better mortality rate with the larger brooder?