Episode-1296- Daniel Rogers Prepping for Travelers

Daniel Rogers works as a flight attendant and began prepping about a year ago.  He states that he still has a lot to learn, but is trying to be a bit more self sufficient each day.  Thanks to your The Survival Podcast, he has paid off most of his debt and become more self sufficient.

Daniel felt it would be helpful to have new preppers on the show, as it seems that our audience is still growing and a lot of people don’t know where to start.  So has offered to kick off an  ‘Adventure In New Prepping’ segment where we have a relatively new prepper on every so often to discuss things from this angle.

Since Daniel works as a flight attendant,  he maintains a ‘get home’ bag at all times when I fly.  Though he realizes that his odds of getting home could be very low in some scenarios.

David Joins Us Today to Discuss…

  • How he learned about prepping
  • Why he decided to start prepping
  • What were his first steps as a new prepper
  • How do you prep when you’re away from home so often
  • What’s in his ‘get home’ bag
  • What scenario most concern him based on his situation

Resources for today’s show…

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11 Responses to Episode-1296- Daniel Rogers Prepping for Travelers

  1. Speaking of solutions from science… they advertise with backwoods home. Hm… maybe I should just switch to brink of freedom.

  2. Very good show today. This was a good idea, Jack. I pointed a ‘prepper curious’ person I have been conversing with to this episode.

  3. Great guest, I did disagree on one minor point at the start. It wasn’t really clear what kids Daniel was talking about as being traumatized by watching a chicken being butchered.

    My take on kids watching butchering… When I started raising pigs my oldest was 16, she and my wife refuse to watch pigs or chickens butchered. but at the time I had an 8 year old and a 6 year old… they asked if they could watch. You bet, with the actual killing I made them stay at a safe distance but after that they could watch the process from close up. When that 6 year old was 8 she wanted to hold the chicken while I administered the coup de gras.

    The guy I have come in to slaughter pigs (for $30 to drop, skin, separate out the organ meat I keep, cut them in half and haul them back to the shop, he has a job as long as I raise pigs) is very fast and yet still has time to show my kids various things and tell them what they do.

    My youngest will be 5 soon, last summer I had 6 roosters that needed to go. I made the mistake of telling him I was going to butcher roosters but I had to finish some paperwork first… every 5 minutes he was asking “when are we going to kill the chickens”

    Get kids involved early and it is a part of life, no big deal, normal. Wait until they are teeners and then it is a big deal and maybe emotional trauma is an issue.

    • my 3 year old (at the time) watched me skin a deer and was cool with it, tells me thats how we get the meat out. …its all case by case. all kiddos are different.

  4. Great interview.. and such a nice counterpoint to prepping=crazy.

    Personally, if NatGeo actually came out with a show called ‘New Prepper’ (or ‘New Prepper – Old Prepper’).. I’d probably find some way to watch it.

    I find listening/watching people better themselves much more interesting, and satisfying, than watching someone make a fool of themselves. With the added bonus, that you’re actually learning something that isn’t ‘what not to do’. =)

  5. allofthemonkeys

    It’s funny, I was working for Sedona when the guy was going to jump into the vortex. There happened to be a lot of Law Enforcement out ‘hiking’ in that area on Dec. 21st.

  6. Good show.

    I’m a contractor working overseas. I make the trip back to the about states 3 times a year. A get home bag is not really an option for me. I do travel with some basics that will help me if I’m stranded someplace. The main thing that I include in my bag is cash. I travel with 4k to 5k in small bills. It’s low enough to not attract attention from security and customs but enough to cover whatever I need when stranded.

  7. Like the format today – the “new” prepper perspective is great. I travel a lot by car too 8 hours from North to South Texas fairly regularly. “little bit of everything” is a good way to approach that sort of thing. I carry a side arm w a 50ct box of ammo, some snacks, some waters, and of course the stuff we normally go down with. Not perfect but it will get us through most situaitons.

  8. Fun interview.

    Daniel, you mentioned sometimes your route takes you into NH.

    If you are in the area and want to come to one of the various pro-liberty meet-up events we have on a weekly basis let me know. Usually a few TSP listeners in thr group as well.

  9. Richard Hauser

    Great interview. The only piece that I thought was missed was choosing quick dry clothing for emergency travel gear. Like Jack, I was far from home on 9/11 and only had three days of clothes with me that ended up having to last two weeks. Now I travel with a two sets of clothes that can each be washed and dried in hours, so if I am caught out and run out of clean clothes I can rinse these and wear them the next day. Or in more common occurrences, if my luggage gets lost, I can still be clean and presentable till I am reunited with the rest of my supplies.
    I went on a cruise for my Honeymoon and another newlywed couple had to start the cruise with only the clothes on their backs for over half the cruise.

  10. I like this episode very much and being a quasi new at all of this. I liked hearing from people just starting out. Great interview!