Episode-98- Revolution with a Garden Trowel

Can you really run a revolution with a “garden trowel”?  Yes, yes you can!  Today I was going to talk about survival gardening with a container gardening method but got deeply into why we all need to be gardening on some level.

Tune in today to hear…

  • More about Stockings for Soldiers, please participate
  • How gardening in containers now may make you a better conventional gardener later
  • New products coming this weekend from Center Of Mass Products
  • Barack Obama’s “The New New Deal” no that isn’t a typo (it’s not even his bill)
  • Why we should not root for President Obama to fail
  • Why we have the government “we deserve” (we is not necessarily us)
  • How The Survival Podcast was conceived
  • The inspiration of the Dervaes Family and how it helped make my show what it is today
  • How a garden trowel may be a better implement for a revolution then a rifle
  • How we have become a net importer of food and dependent on the rest of the world just to eat
  • We only need three things to survive, now one is provided by foreign governments
  • To change your nation, first change yourself
  • More on “it’s for the children” and how gardening is really for the children
  • The lesson that food comes from work, effort and the ground
  • How growing food and being debt free can change the entire country
  • Changing our dependence on the government into independence
  • The real reason people came to American in the 1800s
  • Now is the time to beat your swords into plowshares
  • Sharing is between equals, parasitism is between producers and consumers

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One Response to Episode-98- Revolution with a Garden Trowel

  1. Jack,
    I love your show and have been listening for some time.
    I have to mention though, in your recent podcast you (in so many words) stated a couple 100,000 armed guys going to Washington would be an act of treason. I completely disagree!
    If it comes down to it (and it may well) we as patriots may just have to do that.
    There would be no treason about it!
    In defence of our constitution…I’d be the first in line!