Episode-435- The Revolution is You

We only occasionally dip into politics around here, time to time we focus on economics and that always by the very nature of out current state must include some political components as well.  Some members of the audience want more and some want less and wish we would stick 100% to practical pepping action.

The reality is the two are one in the same!  Make no mistake about it this is a revolution you and I are conducting together.  Today we discuss the multi-planked revolution where “taking this country back” isn’t  just about the next election or political topic “du jour”.  No this revolution is about how we live, how we prepare, how we self educate and above all how we impact those around us simply by living as who and what we are, human with sovereign rights bestowed upon us by our creator.

Today I also introduce our new long awaited custom bumper music, as you might have guessed the title of the song is “The Revolution is You”.  The song was written and performed by Gregg Yows of RevolutionRockAndRoll.com (I am actually a minor co writer as well) .  The final track was mastered by Matthew McCabe at Finley Sound.  Gregg and Matthew are both long time listeners to TSP which means this song is truly a creation of our community, I hope it inspires you to know the power you truly have, indeed YOU are the revolution.

I am also running a special on the Members Brigade that will run until Monday the 17th, you can get your first year of the MSB for only 35 dollars with the discount code “revolution”.

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31 Responses to Episode-435- The Revolution is You

  1. Thanks Jack! I bought the album, great investment of 2.50 to put some reLOVEution music on my iPod. 🙂

  2. The new into music is 100x better.It fits the podcast and lifestyle.

  3. Amazing Show Today, Jack. Truly Inspirational and encouraging. “The Revolution is You” – great message. This show should be the first one that new listeners hear.

    The new intro music is much more relevant to the topic of the show. (I always thought “another day another dollar” was kind of negative in its lyrics …)

    Keep up the good work!


  4. hi jack great show
    just wondering if you are going to put the song up for sell via the store
    as i would love to buy a copy
    to blare out driving down the road lol

    thanks nathan

  5. Herbalpagan

    Jack- you really did pour everything into “the revolution is you”. I’ve been a prepper for a long time and i blog aswell, and you made me feel very good about continuing what I do. If only one person hears, it’s worth it. Like the new song too!

  6. Modern Survival


    You can get it from Gregg’s site, RevolutionRockAndRoll.com and the link is in the notes above your comment.

  7. Great show Jack.. and I love the new music! This is one of those episodes that is inspirational AND motivational.. keeps me moving down the path.

  8. robertdseals

    Although I enjoy 99.98 percent of your shows, this one was really great. I like the new song. I liked how you made me realize that I did start a revolution in me (I built a raised bed for the first time this year and if it ever stops snowing, I’ll plant it). Thanks again.

  9. Hi Jack, loved the episode it was really inspiring.
    My only issue is that it appears the quote you cited about a “rifle behind every blade of grass” appears to be a misquote and no reliable source for citation is apparent.

    Regardless, good stuff and thank you for TSP!

  10. “I would never invade the United States, there would be a gun behind every blade of grass.”
    –Admiral Yamamato, Commander of the Japanese Navy WW2

    Bravo Jack! My favorite show so far. So right on, I could just hug you!

  11. Cheryl Cook

    Jack, I love your show. I’m trying to join the Members Brigade, but am having trouble with Pay Pal. They have a credit card # on file from a closed bank account from where I used to live. Help! This is the last day of $35/yr. & I am on unemployment right now. I need the discount. Pay Pal will need 24 hrs. to correct & I don’t like using them anyway. The Armchair Survivalist says they are a rip off to the seller. Can I mail you a check thru US Postal service?

  12. Modern Survival

    @Cheryl Cook,

    First this is not the last day the special runs until Monday at midnight.

    Second you can pay by check just write the code on the form and make sure it is post marked by Monday. There is a form at the bottom of the join page you just print it out, fill it our and send it in.

  13. @Political Athiest
    According to wikiquotes this is a fabricated quote, citing factcheck.org as their source: http://www.factcheck.org/2009/05/misquoting-yamamoto/

    However if there is a book or documentation that someone can cite which shows the quote then please bring it to my attention so I can know the truth.

  14. Hmm… thanks for the post Hawaiian. But I am personally dubious of Annenberg foundation as they clearly have an agenda IMO. They’re the foundation that brought Obama and Bill Ayers together to “improve” education in Chicago. But that’s not to say the Yamamoto quote is fake. or not.


  15. Greetings TSP!

    I just wanted to thank Jack and my fellow TSPers who went over and purchased the new tune and contributed to Revolution Rock and Roll. I was truly humbled by this episode of TSP and am privileged to contribute.

    There have only been a few folks in my life that I can honestly say have truly “transformed” the way I think about living life day in and day out. One is Dave Ramsey and the other is Jack Spirko.

    Thanks again, Jack! It was a pleasure co-writing with you. Sorry for the late comment here, but I was away from technology this weekend. Specifically, I was spending the weekend (nights included) on the USS Lexington down in Corpus. That was also damned inspiring, I must say.

    Thanks again to Matthew McCabe for doing a great job on the mix.

    Stay safe, folks-

  16. Great song Gregg and Jack!

    I forwarded a link of both the song and show to our local conservative radio station. Hopefully, there’ll be some interest there.

    Keep up the great work!

  17. I enjoy the show and have since I started listeneing in the 50\’s episodes. I can say that the wife and aren\’t quite diggin the new intro. Just not the same so I have a feeling we\’ll be editing it out on our mp3\’s. Sorry, I guess I\’m just not ready for that change. How about using it as your exit music.

  18. Modern Survival


    It isn’t going to happen. I would say the feedback on the new music is 95% positive and 5% negative. That is actually a LOT better than the feedback on Another Day Another Dollar.

    Any music will be disliked by some portion of society. I like the song, Greg worked his ass off on it and to be blunt it sure is more in tune with TSP than the old music. It isn’t going to change, you don’t have to edit anything Podcasts are on demand entertainment all you need is the fast forward button anytime any part isn’t your cup of tea.

    If you actually do take the time to edit the episodes you really must have too much time on your hands, ;>)

  19. Hi Jack,
    I love your podcast, and I was just listening to this episode. I just want to point out that Switzerland is NOT part of the European Union.

  20. Modern Survival


    You are correct and I guess I wasn’t clear on what I was concerned about. My fear for the Swiss is being literally surrounded by the E.U. I know they are not locked to the E.U. government but they are now an island inside a sea that is going to get very nasty.

    Perhaps their well armed society and neutral stance will save them from this storm just as it has many times before. I think it will be more dangerous though than even a World War in some ways.

  21. spitstickler




    …I’ve listened to this episode 5 or 6 times.

    “The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people… This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.”

    John Adams — 1818

    …and I would add, the American revolution was never intended to end. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive, Jack. You’re an inspiration.

  22. Yeah, I have way to much time on my hands Jack. I work a full time job, I garden, I do odd jobs for money in my spare time and when I’m not doing those things I’m trying to bea mentor for my neices and nephews. I have listened to every TSP show more than once, along with the 5 other shows I listen to on a regular basis. So if I have to edit out your theme music I know where the fast forward button is. I’m sorry I don’t share taste in music by hey it’s your show.

  23. Hey Cheeta!

    Music is like that. …gets you fired up. Why do you think bands are constantly breaking up? That is also the attraction (for me) and why I think music is such a powerful weapon in our movement. Music and art have always been behind any major societal change from religious hymns to taps and reveille.

    I’m sorry the song is not your bag. I wouldn’t expect everyone to like it, of course. Maybe there is something else on RRR that you might like. Kevin Meyer’s song “Freedom’s Frame” is a keeper and a little more subdued.

    Anyway, take care!


  24. Possenti2264

    Great song. Maybe even better suited for TSP podcast. But I like original Coca-Cola better because it’s original Coca-Cola.

  25. Modern Survival


    Thing is there really isn’t anything that makes Another Day, Another Dollar “original” as far as TSP. The writer doesn’t have anything to do with us and in spite of me exposing his music to thousands of people a day for over a year and a half he won’t even answer an email from me. That song is just a piece of music I found on Podsafeaudio.com

  26. Thanks Gregg Y, I’ll take some time and look there.

  27. Possenti2264


    I understand completely. When I turned on the podcast this morning, the music was different, not the expected and ritualistic “another day another dollar”. It’s not personal to the show, but just a force of habit.

    In a couple weeks, I won’t even notice anymore.

  28. @Possenti2264

    As the guy who is hearing his voice singing at the beginning of the podcast every day, it freaks me out a bit too! I’ve never had a tune used as bumper music before (especially for a talk show that I listen to daily and have gotten so much out of).

    But after a few days now, it’s starting to settle in for me and I’m really proud to have been able to contribute to the show’s continuing success in a small way.

    Now if I could only decide on a new BOB…(Alice, MOLLE, Blackhawk…gees.)

  29. Possenti2264


    It\’s a great song and totally appropriate for TSP.

    Now for your BOB, would that be \"Molly\" or \"Moh-lay\"?

  30. robertdseals

    LOL I’m totally blown away. So much good information and a wonderfully inspirational episode and most of the comments are about the music. Says something about the human nature I guess.

  31. Molly! (and thanks for escaping the quotes 😉