Safecastle’s Repel the Chaos Incentive Program for Sept. 1-7 2012

Repel the Chaos with Safecastle

Repel the Chaos with Safecastle

Vic Rantala our long time sponsor and owner of Safe Castle Royal is running a program for his discount buyers club.

The program will run through the rest of the year with a different incentive announced each week.

The current offer runs though Sept 7th and it is another great one that will get you 125 dollars in free prepping gear with any purchase of over 250 dollars.  Here is this weeks Repel the Chaos Incentive for Safecastle Discount Club Members…

Members who purchase at least $250 in Future Essentials and/or Yoders products in a transaction receive a FREE Dining & Dessert Kit (value $125) No coupon codes required–qualified member purchases automatically are provided the goodies in our back-office fulfillment process.”

Full Details and Weekly Updates on
Repel the Chaos Can Be Found on Safecastle’s Website.

Remember that all Survival Podcast MSB Members can get Vic’s Lifetime Discount Membership that allows you to get great daily discounts and awesome incentives like this one for free!  Details are on the benefits page of the MSB.  If you are not an MSB Member the Discount Membership on Vic’s website is 49 dollars for a lifetime membership and this deal alone would more than pay for it in full.

3 Responses to Safecastle’s Repel the Chaos Incentive Program for Sept. 1-7 2012

  1. educatedtradesman

    A lifetime membership in Safecastle for being in survival podcast is great. Thanks. I see the slogans to the right on thispage.I have not yet checked out “Save Our Skills” but I assume it means gas, plumbing, elec, carpentry …? I find it super difficult to hire (and retain) young guys/girls because they either all want to be Bill Gates, or..drugs, partying, drinking, etc. Later, – de oppresso Liber

  2. I surrender. Will join MSB. Service: 4 years Air Force 1956-60. Thanks!