Episode-158- Remote Location Prepping

This podcast was done a day in advance and is being published while we are away doing some remote preparations of our own at our Arkansas bug out location.  So I thought today woud be a good day to cover that exact subject.

Tune in today to hear about

  • Low cost rain catch systems
  • Storing food safely
  • Thoughts on remote weapons and ammo storage
  • Setting up a local bank account and safety deposit box
  • Hiring a local person to keep an eye on things
  • Starting up raised beds
  • Permaculture options that you don’t have to be on site to do
  • How you can enhance local forage with simple things like mulch and pruning
  • Be on alert when arriving at your remote location
  • Alternative energy and water options
  • Tips on getting good deals on remote property
  • Using your creativity to improve your property

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2 Responses to Episode-158- Remote Location Prepping

  1. Avoiding aggravation on the remote savings/checkings:

    Don’t make it also inactive , banks are required to send all inactive funds(if they don’t get a response at your “contact numbers”) to the state.

    Then you have a chase to get you own money back !

    Voice of Experience

  2. The Professor

    In re: Gardens at your remote location. One thing that we’ve done is something that works to our benefit twofold. That is to build a “fence” around the property of blackberry and wild rose bushes. Depending upon the time of year, you can harvest lots of blackberries and the rosehips are super high in vitamin C. Additionally, after a couple of years, these grow together to create a rather formidable barrier to just about everything on two or four legs.