Reminder – MSB 10 Year Sale Runs Until Midnight Wednesday

Join the MSB Today and Use Code 10years to Get MSB for Only 35 Dollars a Year

The MSB is honestly a hell of a deal and now you can sign up and get a discount of 15 dollars a year with discount code “10years” and that rate will lock in for life! Many members tell me they put several hundred dollars a year back into their pockets and it isn’t hard to see how. Here are just a few great examples of the discounts that add up really fast.

  1. Bob Well Nursery – They give you 10% off all orders on all products. Trees, bushes and vines are great investments but even better with 10% off. Say you invest 200 dollars this coming year in them, well instantly there is 20 bucks back in your pocket.
  2. Butcher Box – These guys are awesome some of the best meat I have ever eaten. With 10 dollars off per order say you even only do the every other month program. Well that would save you 60 bucks a year. If you get a monthly box like I do, that doubles to 120 dollars a year back in your pocket.
  3. Western Botanicals – The company of real people that really care about you. Anything and everything herbal, get it here. They sell a premium membership for 50 dollars a year. With MSB you get it free for the first year and for half price there after. It provides 25%, yea 25% off all purchases. Even if you only buy 200 in supplements in a year, that is 50 bucks back into your pocket.
  4. Safecastle Royal – These folks have it all, practical to tactical, guns to gardens and everything in between. Their discount membership is 29 dollars a year, people buy it every day for the great discounts you get at their site. MSB members get it for FREE FOR LIFE. You can’t even buy a lifetime membership to their program but here you get it free. But just call it 29 bucks into your pocket every year.

Sign Up Now and get 15 dollars a year off with Code “10years”

Do you see why I say MSB pays for itself? In the above example alone you are talking saving $159 – $219 on a 50 dollar membership. Great huh!

It gets better because right now you can get MSB for 35 dollars a year and it will lock that rate in for as long as you remain an active member.

In addition to all the discounts above there are another 60+ companies that are offering discounts exclusive to the MSB. These are not “specials” they are discounts you can use any time as long as you are a member. Some other examples include

Sign Up Now and get 15 dollars a year off with Code “10years”

Do you get it yet? If you are into preparedness and self sufficiency it is almost impossible to not get your money back at 50 dollars a year for MSB much less 35 bucks! In addition to this you get some exclusive content, over 200 dollars in free eBooks and a lot of other awesome stuff. How about every episode of TSP ever in zip files.

This sale is open to new members and those who have an expired account. I would be more than happy to let existing members renew early but it just isn’t possible between the limits of the membership software and how recurring payments with credit cards or paypal works.

You can also renew or join by snail mail, by using the mail in form, if you do just write code “10years” on the form. Otherwise just sign up online and start supporting TSP at only 12.8 cents an episode and lock in that amazing rate for life.

Sign Up Now and get 15 dollars a year off with Code “10years”

* This sale runs until 12 midnight on Wednesday, Aug the 15th, 2018. No exceptions will be made. All main in orders post marked on or before that date will be honored no matter when we receive them.

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