Reminder – Food Forest Workshop Regestration Goes Live Tomorrow

A simple quick post to make sure everyone is aware.  The food forest workshop will go live for members of the MSB tomorrow at 8 AM Central Standard time.  MSB Members only will have the ability to register for the event until about 8AM central on Friday Morning.  I don’t know if this one will ever be open to the general public, but you never know.

We are opening this event to 32 students and that is all we can handle, considering we also have special guests, co instructors and event help.  If we could handle more we would do it, I am sorry to any that wish to attend that don’t get a spot but this is simply the best I can do.

Tomorrow at 8AM Central I will post here an announcement, that there will be a link on the main page inside your MSB account.  You will need to log into get the link.  This is the only way I know to be fair about this process.  Many of you have asked to be notified in advance or let in early, I simply can’t do that and must be democratic about how I handle this, I do hope everyone understands.

The cost of this event will be 500 dollars with a 150 dollar deposit.  Full details will come tomorrow.

3 Responses to Reminder – Food Forest Workshop Regestration Goes Live Tomorrow

  1. This sounds like the place to be .I hope to see some folks from the earthworks class in Nov.

  2. Michael Jordan,beewhispererwyosurvival

    Thinking on this Jack. Give me a call. Help u with the Lang till the big course. See the crew. (miss u guys mugs) pops wants food first cert. So it is looking good

  3. See you soon and I will bring some mead.