Episode-94- Rebuilding the Economy – Darkness Before the Dawn

Today we will take a look at what we can learn about what is coming from the bail out requests by Ford, Chevy and Chrysler.  We also are giving away another group of tactical Christmas Stockings from John Willis at SOE Tactical Gear.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Why bailing out the big three automakers on some levels makes sense
  • Why actually doing it will make a bad problem worse in the long run
  • The real threat that GM, Ford and Chrysler will become foreign owned entities
  • Why bankruptcy is not the “end” of the road and might be a good idea
  • What the darkness might just be our friend
  • How being called lower then maggot dung makes men proud and what that can teach us
  • Why a pay cut might be in your future and why you might have to agree to it
  • You are the real reason recovery will occur
  • The legacy of the veterans of the CCC, World War II and other dark times
  • A simple message of hope and a reason to believe in our long term success

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One Response to Episode-94- Rebuilding the Economy – Darkness Before the Dawn

  1. Great Podcast… I didn’t get to listen til late in the day and it did make me feel better.