Episode-2036- Sean O’Hanlon on Real Life Dystopia

Sean O’Hanlon, twenty-five years old from Maui, Hawaii. Eaglescout, an Associate graduate of Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico Tech and a custom knifemaker.

Up until recently also a live aboard sailor who called the Pacific ocean his home. For two years he and his girlfriend sustained a life off their vessel like a satellite off of the Islands of their upbringing.

Greater economic forces were and still are at play in the state of Hawaii, where housing prices are so competitive local people regularly spend upwards of $1000 per room/month and do not get paid very well.

Sean O’Hanlon has been a fan of TSP since he discovered it in 2011, and with it learned an awful lot about how to live a better life, and times were indeed tough.
Having never owned a boat before, let alone living on one, the couple had to learn everything from scratch. Soon after purchasing the boat they were hit with almost every difficulty the world could throw at them.

Engine failures, electrical shortages, perpetual lack of safe harbor, ripped sails, tropical storms, and even the dangerous waters of bureaucracy (Which is still suspect to be involved in the eventual shipwreck of their home).

They are now moving to a more rural location on a cheaper but underdeveloped Island to start again and build up their custom knife business. They are jump starting their project on Kickstarter.

Sean joins me today to discuss Living in a real life dystopia, being pressured to set off into the unknown, developing creativity and learning to constantly adapt.

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8 Responses to Episode-2036- Sean O’Hanlon on Real Life Dystopia

  1. Interisting guest today, Sean O’ Hanlon is a very Irish name, did Sean say where in Ireland his ancestors are from?

    I sometimes visit a website called cluborlov.org, the guy who upkeeps it has lived on a sea boat for the last 10 years or so. I think living on a sea boat is for one in a million people who has a lot of stamina.

    A river boat might be a safer option. I wonder would the people from the Department of Making us Sad cause any trouble to people living on river boats ?

  2. Michael, My family is originally from Armagh, in northern Ireland, couple hundred years removed. I find that living quietly and out of sight is the best defense against DoMYS, second only to lots of money or lawyers.

    • Hi Sean, thanks for reply, a lot of Irish went to America around 1840, the Irish famine years.
      I am guessing that your family arrived in America long before that.
      I will be following your projects of interest on the net.
      Regards, Michael.

  3. Jack, the youtube segment will be great. I want to recommend the channel Skillcult (would post a link but not sure if the comment system lets you do that). It is one of the best homesteading channels I’ve found, very in depth about axes, gardening and lots more. You’ll love it.

  4. 100 feet of chain?

    For a boat that size, 25′ of 7/16″ chain and nylon anchor line at an 8:1 ratio of line length to water depth with proper anchor size and selection for the bottom conditions will hold in all but the nastiest conditions. At 15:1 you are good in conditions that the boat should not be in. For anyone considering this, first get a copy of Chapman Piloting and Seamanship then go get a “6 Pack” captains license. The knowledge you gain from the book and classes could save your life and could have likely saved that boat.

    • Modern Survival

      I didn’t want to kick a guy when he was down but do you know the number one thing missing from that boats preps was?


  5. He did say some kind of insurance paid to get it off the reef.

  6. Wow! Wonderful show and topic, especially after (voluntarily) living in a schoolbus for a year. Some similar issues, but this takes it to a whole new level!!! Makes hitting my head on the AC unit and lack of hot water (other than black garden hose on summer days) seem pretty trivial. 🙂