Quick Heads Up Two Rigger Belts Still Up for Grabs!

Right now there are still two SOE rigger belts up for grabs in the contest.  Winners of the first four have not yet been notified as I will notify all six in one shot.  I figure since it is after 5 Central now that many would think it isn’t worth playing today at this point but it is, we are close on number 5 and have a long way to go to number 6.  So take a shot, the code word is in today’s podcast and the rules to play on the Listener Contest Page.

Also remember that John Willis is doing even more for you guys.  He will give any TSP listener 10% off of any items you order this week from his site.

Works like this, go to Orginal SOE Gear, pick the items you want, add them to your cart and place your order.  You will NOT be charged when you initally order.  SOE will get back to you with a PayPal invoice and you will pay when the gear ships because much of it is custom made when you order it.

Well just put, “TSP Listener Discount of 10%” in the order notes and they will take 10% off your order when it is billed.  I have said it before, John makes some of the most rugged and proven gear in the industry.  So take your shot at winning a rigger belt but if you see anything you really want from SOE, this week would be a great time to buy it and save 10%.  This 10% off sale runs until midnight Sunday.

Check Out Original SOE Gear

3 Responses to Quick Heads Up Two Rigger Belts Still Up for Grabs!

  1. I can never figure out how to submit for the contest?

  2. copy and paste this link, then follow the directions

    Listener Contest

  3. Modern Survival

    Just FYI they are all gone now! More stuff is coming from other supporters though folks, LOTS OF STUFF! Stay tuned.