Taking Regenerative Agriculture Forward – My PV3 Presentation

In March I had the honor of giving the closing talk at Permaculture Voices 3.  Considering some of the people who presented at this event and the two prior ones, this was an incredible opportunity.  My goal was to present something universal in the Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture space.

You can see the entire talk below in video and if you want to get 9 other incredible talks, Deigo has them for sale here,  PV3 Broad Acre Video Package.

7 Responses to Taking Regenerative Agriculture Forward – My PV3 Presentation

  1. Thanks Jack. Needed to hear this encouragement today.

  2. Excellent, just excellent. As always, practical, simple, inspiring. ..

  3. Pennsyl-Tucky Shawn

    Rocken the the beard dude! It works for you….GREAT talk, sorry I couldn’t have been there.

  4. Great talk Jack! I’m a lifetime Aggie with a degree in agribusiness and many different work experiences in the industry from farmhand to financier. Currently I deal with every type of grower from folks doing things in their yard to very big farms. You’ve hit the nail on the head here with your analysis.

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation. Guerrilla gardening is on my mind a lot these days. My small town is called Port Orchard yet our wonderfully inept local officials can’t figure out how to brand our city! Might have to take guerrilla orchards to the next level: implementation! Thanks again for the inspiration. Had to share with my local Facebook Permaculture Guild.

  6. Bob Wilhite

    It might be a little late to comment on this post. I was inspire too. I have tried to join the Regenerative Agriculture Public Group on FB but no luck. I don’t see any reason the admins would deny me but every time I check back, in stead of pending it says join. I click join again but I don’t get accepted.