Problem Corrected with the MSB Summer Discount Code

Join the MSB Today

Join the MSB Today and Get 20 Dollars Off Your First Year

For some reason the discount code for the current MSB Sale which is tspsummer was not working for many people yesterday.  To fix it I had to delete and reset it.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

To make up for that I have extended the sale till the end of Monday the 17th vs. Sunday the 16th.  As a reminder here are the details.

You can currently get your first year of TSP Members Brigade this week for only 30 Dollars, which is a savings of 40%. Use discount code “tspsummer” to get your first year for only 30 dollars.

This sale runs until midnight on Sunday the 16th so there are only a few days left. This will the best discount we offer in 2013, so if you have been waiting for a discount the time to act is well, now.

You can learn more and join the MSB Here. Those who wish to pay by mail can just write the discount code on the mail in form. Those paying by silver will receive 5 extra months (17 vs 12) instead of a direct discount.

Yes you can pay for multiple years if you pay by cash, check or silver and apply the discount to every year.


3 Responses to Problem Corrected with the MSB Summer Discount Code

  1. Happy Father’s Day, Jack!!!

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO! I missed it!

  3. I heard it in a podcast after it had expired as I am behind, thought it was over already, then read just now it had been extended, only to read further and find I have missed the extension. Had to laugh. 🙂

    Like your show…