Episode-1398- Mexican Joe on Prepper Networks and Homesteading

Joe “Mexican Joe” Sabedra is the creator of the North East Texas Preppers Network.  He is also a long time TSP listener, active homesteader and permaculturist and military veteran.

Joe considers himself addicted to skill development and skill teaching as well.  He is a life long learner who spends most of his time becoming a better prepper and a better teacher.

He joins us today for a fun episode where we discuss raising chickens on the cheap, radio communications and more.

Resources for today’s show…

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6 Responses to Episode-1398- Mexican Joe on Prepper Networks and Homesteading

  1. Joe sounds like a great guy. I enjoyed todays show, it was all over the place but it was fun.

  2. Ugh. Too much shtf paranoia. That guy is definitely on some gov lists. Nutso.

  3. I liked the show. Liked when you guys “compared notes” on what you do on your homesteads. Good to hear another view.

  4. I think we need some T-shirts made up with TSP branding and “I got yelled at by Steven Harris” across the front lol

  5. Good interview Joe, covered a lot of ground. I am glad we are where we are and are able to do what we do, for being a couple “nutso” paranoid gov list guys. –wingman.

  6. Dave Carlson

    Good show with valuable information.