Pre Order a TSP Swiss Army Trekker While You Can

The Vitorinox Swiss Army Trekker is one of the most popular new knives for EDC, Camping, Bushcrafting and a million other functions and for a lot of reasons.   The quality is surperb, it has a lot of functionality, it is light and easy to carry and above all hell it is a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.

At TSP we have been looking to do a knife that is ingraved with the TSP Logo and dated as a limited run for a long time.  Based on your feedback on the forum and our own research the Trekker became the knife of choice.   Each of these knives will have the TSP Logo and the date 2010 on the main knife blade, these will be a limited edition product and we are only ever planning to do a single run of them.

Pre Order Your Swiss Army Trekker Today

Below is a the logo that will be custom engraved in the primary blade, you can see a comp of one actually done on the old style Trekker at the TSP Gear Shop.

Sisterwolf plans to close orders on 10-18-10 and order as many as are ordered in pre order and we hope to have them shipped in early December.  We will only order about 10% above the pre order number and those will sell at a premium.    I am tring to get Sisterwolf to hold off on placing our order for the run until the 22nd (next Friday) but due to concerns that they be delivered by the holidays she is not sure about that just yet.

We have to first order the knives from our supplier, ship them to our engraver, get them back and send them out.  The cost of these special order TSP Trekkers is only $47.00 and that is an awesome price for a limited edition knife considering the plain old Trekker on the Victorinox website retails for $54.00.

A few more things to think about with these knives.  If you dig around online you can find a lot of reviews about them.  Over all every review of the Trekker is stellar with only one sticking point.  The first generation Trekkers (along with most for sale right now) have a serrated main blade.  Most reviewers pointed to this as the one weakness as it makes sharpening the blade more difficult and of course with the saw you don’t really need a serrated blade.

Well these TSP Custom Limited Edition Knives will have the strait edge.  Right now you can find the older style Trekkers with the serrated blade for about 30 bucks from a few discounters but even finding the ones with a strait blade is difficult and if you do they will cost about the same as ours  and that is without the TSP Limited Edition Logo and Date.  And trust me they are not easy to find, I spent all day yesterday trying to find one in a local store for a youtube video, I came up empty handed.

In fact if you got to the official Victorinox Website you will see you can’t even order a strait blade version there right now.  Getting the strait blade version for this special run took more effort and cost us more money than using the older model but it make the knife a more practical tool so we felt it was worth the effort and modest additional cost.

Pre Order Your Swiss Army Trekker Today

This knife is loaded with great features like,

  • One-handed NON-serrated locking blade (liner lock)
  • Bottle opener with large locking screwdriver & wire stripper
  • Can opener
  • Strait screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Key ring
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers
  • Reamer
  • Wood saw

The key here is when they are gone, they are gone.  You will always be able to get a Trekker but the TSP Special Run is a one time only deal.  So pre order yours now and we will break our necks to make sure they are in by Christmas.  Which brings up the thought of why not order more than one?  Any outdoorsman, camper, hobbyist or knife enthusiast is going to love one of these.  Again this is great knife and one time opportunity for TSP Special Edition version.

Pre Order Your Swiss Army Trekker Today

6 Responses to Pre Order a TSP Swiss Army Trekker While You Can

  1. Damn nice knife, although I prefer the ant logo 🙂

  2. Where are they manufactured? If it’s not China, I’m in…

  3. Modern Survival

    @Mary – Just where do you think a Swiss Army Knife is manufactured? In Switzerland, the engraving is done here in the US.

  4. Bryan Lee Sammis(aka. BIG-TARGET)

    I just put in my order for 2 of them!!