Podcast Announcement – Dec. 15th, 2009

Just a quick note that we will not be publishing a show today.  Things are pretty busy at this time of year so I decided to skip Monday this week.  I will be publishing shows every day for the rest of this week and right up until Christmas Eve next week.

I will then be taking a vacation up to our Arkansas retreat after Christmas.  Hence there will be no podcasts from December 25th, 2008 – January 4th, 2009.  Just so you guys don’t think that they “came and got me” or anything like that.

I actually plan on recording a show or two up in Arkansas but will not be able to publish them until I return.  I do suggest tuning in this week and next as one of those shows will give away the last key lock in car gun safe from Center of Mass and another will give away the biometric in car gun safe as well.  We also have a few more slings from SOE Tactical Gear and as always please consider supporting “Stockings for Soliders”

One Response to Podcast Announcement – Dec. 15th, 2009

  1. Jack, how could you; we rely upon you for our daily “survivalist” bread…

    Looking forward to your next episode and enjoy your holidays and happy New Year.