Please Be Nice to Western Botanicals

As I said on yesterday’s show a butt hurt person contacted all my sponsors complaining about TSP.  Western Botanicals did reach out and ask about the situation.  Randy (one of the owners) and I had a good conversation about the situation.

My stance was, TSP was this way when you found us 8 years ago and we are not going to change.  They simply did a thoughtful investigation into what occurred and came to the conclusion that our partnership was more valuable than one person complaining.  They are great partners who have supported us and we have supported them for 8 years and I look forward to at least 8 more.

Now Randy told me one of you told them you’d not do business with them again over this, that is NOT helpful.  They are again a great partner who simply cared enough to reach out and investigate the situation.  Please be supportive of them, 8 year sponsorships tend to not exist in the world of podcasting though they seem very common here at TSP.

We deeply value our relationship with Western Botanicals and all our sponsors.  If I ask you guys ever to reach out and let any of them know that you value you them, please do so, but don’t use any sort of threatening language that is never helpful and frankly when people do that to me, I tell them to pound sand or worse.

Again Western Botanicals is a wonderful partner, they made a firm decision to stand with us as they always have.  For that we are grateful and remain their loyal partner.

14 Responses to Please Be Nice to Western Botanicals

  1. Danny Howard Baker

    I’ll be placing another order with Western Botanicals just because they didn’t tuck their tails between their legs like so many companies do these days because of some butt hurt complaining punk.

  2. This is great news. Sounds like they responded in a very positive way. Good for them.

  3. Tim Gottleber

    Rock on sir, rock on!

  4. I guess I had to be there.  I missed what started all this drama.  But, if I bought herbs, Western Botanicals would be where I would go.

  5. Same as what Charles said.

  6. Sounds good, Jack.  Some people have too much time on their hands.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  7. That’s hilarious. “Please tell Western Botanicals how much you value them as a sponsor of The Survival Podcast and how much you enjoy doing business with them.” Then someone tells them that they aren’t doing business with them anymore. AYFKM. LOL.

    It’s always amazing to me how people interpret the same thing so many different ways. Even though, in many cases, it seems obvious.

  8. Max Noriega

    Its a perception issue. Reminds me of my conversation with my 4 year old about picking up his room and i explained to him that it’s not clean—- and his response was simply (Dad, but it looks clean to me)…out if the mouth of babes..

    From my experience WB is a great company with an with a high quality product line. Glad this is resolved

  9. I sure like Western Botanicals products and started buying from them because they’re a sponsor.

  10. Never heard of them.  Went to their website.  Don’t often use this stuff, but am considering a purchase simply to offset the butt hurt dude.

  11. User name: hogeye

    Just placed an order with them and left them a nice note.

  12. Just placed and order and then sent a e-mail.


  13. Diane Shearer

    Hey, Jack, I just heard this episode. I did not know Western Botanicals is a Christian company. Knowing that makes me more willing to do business with them. I buy a lot of herbal stuff, but I just haven’t wrapped my head around their membership thing. I’m going over there to join right now, and to tell them I found them on TSP.

    • Modern Survival

      If I had the money to have a house in the right part of it with a little land, I am here right now, Sanibel, Florida. I love this place we have been here 9 times in 14 years of vacations to drive it home. It is like Florida from 1980, it is the only place I have taken my family from when I was a kid that is still the way I remember it.

      No high rises, no chain stores, people are always nice, free food (fish and shell fish) is everywhere. But yesterday we looked at a 3/2 home with 1650 sf. Now it was on a deep water canal with a dry dock and had a screened in pool but it was 897K. I’d have to win one of the larger lotteries to do that. I don’t even wanna know what the property taxes are like.

      We are actually looking at property in Freeport Texas and may do the AirBnB thing down there. I also love the eastern woods so central to eastern Tennessee would be a place I’d be open to.

      On Western Botanicals it is simple. They sell a premium membership for 50 dollars a year. In return you get 25 percent off everything they sell. For many that is a no brainer if they buy a lot of stuff, it is a profitable thing.

      However as an MSB member you get your first year for free, then if you want to renew you rate is half (25 bucks) for year two and beyond.