Please Be A Part of Episode 550

Okay folks I need you to help out with show 550.  We are doing a show much like the one year anniversary show.  You call in and leave a message about 1-3 minutes long as to what TSP, the Community, Prepping in general has meant to your life in the last say year to two year.  Tell us about getting out of debt, your garden, how you feel empowered, getting your CCL what EVER, anything that makes your life better because of prepping and the prepping community.

For ideas you can listen to the anniversary show here

I need more calls then we currently have and if we don’t get more soon I will have to push our to say 575 for this or something like that.

To be part of this show just dial 866-65-THINK and leave your message

I know some folks may feel that your accomplishments are not as big as others, may be nervous about calling in, etc.  Trust me your stories will impact the lives of others.  You an remain totally anonymous.  Just leave your first name (or forum handle) and consider leaving your state because it helps people make a connection with you.  Trust me “Dave in Illinois” or “Debby in Georgia” isn’t specific enough for anyone to know who you are.

The first time we did this it had a profound impact on many members, this is your chance to be part of it the second time around.    It also impacts me, whenever I get stuck for a topic or tired I pause and listen to it, it reminds me why I do what I do.

Remember the revolution is you, tell your story and long live the revolution!

~ Jack

2 Responses to Please Be A Part of Episode 550

  1. Can’t believe you’re not full yet! Will call in soon!

  2. I’m composing my grand novella now. Actually, it will be a 2-3 minute piece. If I just start talking without a plan/notes I will ramble on and on and you’ll have to cut me off long before I get to the point.
    I bet you’ll be inundated with calls in a couple days. I’m gonna call in, pinkyswear.