Episode-112- Planning Your Spring Garden Now

OK we often say “be an ant not a grasshopper” here at the survival podcast.  We also often say that “winter is coming” so get prepared now.  Today we take an oppsite look (sort of) on that.  Winter is now here in much of the nations and the warm days of summer seem a long way off, but they will be here before you know it, now is the time to plan for your spring garden before you get behind the power curve.

Tune in today to hear,

  • Today’s is a listener contest day so I will announce a code word to win one of two in car gun safes from Center of Mass
  • An announcement, I will be on vacation from Dec 24th – Jan 5th
  • Thoughts on planning your garden now including setting dates for starting seeds, putting out plants etc
  • Calculating your frost dates, planting dates, etc.
  • Now it a great time for building beds and getting them ready for the warm days that will be here soon
  • February is a great month for stating seeds, it will be here before know it
  • Using seed catalogs in your research and planning
  • If you plan to garden for survival needs now is the time to make mistakes
  • What we learn from people that really go all out with self sufficiency
  • A bit of a rant on the “cult of environmentalism”
  • Planning and installing drip irrigation systems
  • In Colorado you don’t own the rain water that runs off your roof, REALLY!
  • An announcement about a special Christmas show I will be broadcasting on Christmas Eve

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4 Responses to Episode-112- Planning Your Spring Garden Now

  1. http://www.groovygreen.com/groove/?p=3135

    Since you mentioned it today. Enjoy the link.

  2. Thanks Jack!
    you’ve inspired me to start designing my alpine style greenhouse . i live at 6000 feet. any suggestions come to mind?

  3. good advice, plan for the coming season during the current season. When winter is here spring is not far away!

  4. the greenhouse i am working on here in zone 7 is built with insulated cinder blocks, stone and thick plexiglass windows and roof. I borrowed the ides for one built in Maine by Scott Nearing back in the 30s. All recycled and saved resources. portable electric heaters for during the real cold nights we get. There are a few of us talking over in the zone 7 section of the forum