PermaEthos.TV is Live in Beta

PermaEthos.TV is in Beta

PermaEthos.TV is in Beta

We just wanted give everyone a quick update about PermaEthos.  We have now launched PermaEthos.TVPermaEthos.TV will eventually be a stand alone product of the PermaEthos Initiative. PermaEthos.TV will be an educational and entertaining set of programming.  It will not be a “course” or a certification, just an incredible and amazing video product with tons of entertaining videos about Permaculture, sustainability and homesteading.

PermaEthos.TV will show behind the scenes activity at the PermaEthos Farm, it will show the challenges and triumphs we are experiencing.  It will also show many of our projects, explain how they work, etc.

In the future PemraEthos.TV will be a low cost subscription product that anyone can view for a small cost.  However, for now we are in Beta Mode.  During this time PermaEthos.TV is free to all members of the first class of the PermaEthos PDC.

Tentatively this beta will run for about 12 weeks but we are not concrete on that yet.  There are a number of things to be worked out before we open it to all, including some tax implications that are complex and would bore you but trust us, we need to sort them out before we open it to all.

If you are a member of the first class for the PDC at PermaEthos you should have already received an email about this with a password for the videos.

If for any reason you did not receive that password you can email jack at and request it.  There is ONE PASSWORD for all videos during the beta.  IT WILL ONLY BE GIVEN to verified members of the first class of the PDC.  Please only request the password if you are a member of Class 001, I will be looking up all that request the password in the database before sending a response.

PLEASE NOTE – Your PDC Learning Center password WILL NOT work for PermaEthos.TV, again if you didn’t receive a separate email with the password and you are a member of Class 001, just email me and I will hook you up.   Bluntly PermaEthos.TV and the PDC are NOT RELATED they are run on separate systems, your log in credentials for the Learning Center are not related to PermaEthos.TV in ANY WAY at all, thank you.

8 Responses to PermaEthos.TV is Live in Beta

  1. Hey, I’m in class 001, but I can’t find any email about the password. Before I try emailing Jack, can someone give me a date and/or email subject to do a search for to find it?

    • Modern Survival

      Just fricken email me as stated above.

    • Subject: PETV Beta Launch

      Jul 29th

      Make sure you are signed up for newsletter updates etc and check your spam folder.

      • Modern Survival

        Newsletter updates won’t matter for this, it was sent to registered class members.

        • I see what you are saying. The sending email address is the same as some the other “updates”…I should have said add to your white list.

  2. Thanks-found it using subject. Search term screwup earlier i guess…

  3. Will this be on Roku? Think it would be a cool direction…