PermaEthos Launch in 20 Minutes — 224 Comments

    • I clicked at exactly 11:00 Mountain Time, worked like a charm. Keep trying, Dan.

      • Got in right after I posted that…a bit quick on the trigger with that comment. Site was definitely seeing some traffic though! Glad to be a part of this!

    • Yay me! Got in, with enough patience and a couple of page reloads! I think Jack is onto something here! 😀

  1. In also, I hope. Jack, will we get an email once our payment is processed?

  2. I got in and was emailed that I was successful. Super excited to start down this road!

  3. Great job on setting up the website/payment for the PDC. It went pretty smoothly, I think the slowest part for me was the MSB website.

  4. Wife and I are both in! Proud to be part of this project. This is the revolution! This tree will bear some mighty good fruit.

  5. I got lucky and scored 1 course but am unable to purchase a second for my wife. It simply wont offer to add to cart anymore. Bummer. Im thankful we have 1 anyways. Good luck to everyone else on getting a spot.

    Im stoked 🙂

    • Yes as stated below you have to go back through as sent up a second account. We can’t let you do a quantity two it would be an admin nightmare on our end.

  6. yay I got one for me and my honey! can’t wait. Jack I hope this thing sells out! Everyone have a safe holiday weekend!
    Cheers, Tar

  7. I got in for myself and my daughter. It took several page reloads.
    One thing to note, if you are trying to make a second purchase you have to logout first before it will let you add that item to your shopping cart again. Other than that and fighting the 998 other of you for server time it went pretty smooth.

    Can’t wait to get started.

  8. There is no add to cart button on my phone or iPad. I can select pay in full but it doesn’t go to a checkout.

  9. BOOM! Made it in. Seems like it already sold out, too. A few minutes ago, in fact.

  10. 4doose and anyone doing multiple purchases. make sure you logout after you purchase one so it doesn’t think you already have one. fyi!!

  11. I had to reload the site 4 times, but after that it worked like a charm.

  12. Hey Jack;
    You running a pool on what time the 1000 sell out? I’m betting before 2pm Central today.

  13. I’m having trouble with paypal. Is it because I’m trying to pay with a Swedish card? I’ve tried both my own and my wife’s cards/paypal accounts. Anyone have any ideas? /Tobias

    • I had trouble also and I’m Finnish. After changing my address in the signup to non-Scandinavian letters it worked. Or at least I think that was the problem. Hope you got or get in!

  14. Stoked! Got my wife and me both signed up! From her number, may already past 500 sign ups only 30 minutes in!

  15. Had real issues getting in – tried on two computers and a cell(cell won by the way) and at 27 mins in I am #547

    I feel very lucky and can’t wait to get this P(dc)arty started!

  16. #550 at 12:30.

    Tried since 12:00.

    Looks like it’s going to be a huge success.

  17. #157….Jack can you keep us posted on how many have sold? Kind of like seeing a kickstarter being funded.

    I am stoked about this class. Then in the fall I am going to take the online GPS keyline class by

    • I got 159 and 372. I was done ordering the second one about 16 minutes in. I may have to change my bet to 1pm Central.

    • #221 here, but that was at 12:10 according to the confirmation. Would be great to see the 1,000 spots go today

      • mvader,

        I sent Grant a question about the GPS stuff and he said:

        “no licensed copies of any software – no need!

        The software and methodology you choose all depends on what you have available. From cell phone, handheld GPS, conventional (old) tractor or GPS tractor.

        We’re teaching all pathways, free and simple all the way to fancy machinery. I wish I could distill a 2-day class into an email, but I can’t. That’s why we offer a class.

        Hope you can attend, we will record this workshop and offer as an online class in Fall 2014.”

        • Good news. Thanks for the reply. I will have to settle for the online version. looking forward to it.

          I am signed up for the email updates. I’ll be watching.

  18. well over half sold out in 30 minutes, but i made it, was worried about not gettiing in for a while, but YAY!!! cant wait.

  19. Got in! So excited for this! Maybe I’m the only idiot, but because I used my wife’s card to pay (long story), it has her as the account holder because I put in her name with the billing info. I assumed it would ask for account holder info later, but never did. Anyone else have this problem?

    Jack, should I email you, or Josiah to get my idiocy corrected?

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity!!

    • No the payment method doesn’t matter it is the name on the account with us that matters and if you need to we can change that easy enough.

      • I figured. I looked around to try and change it myself, but couldn’t find a place to do it, after the deal was sealed. I’ll wait until the chaos dies down a little and send you an email.

        Thanks again for this! I’m proud to be a part of something so great!

  20. After getting a “Server Failed To Respond” messages on my iPhone and reloading the page a few times, I finally got through.

    If you are having trouble, keep trying. You’ll get in.

  21. Where are you guys finding your #? I still haven’t got my email even though I signed up about 35 minutes ago.

    • Wesley if you are in you are in, relax we will do a clean up send to all members email when this is over. The server is getting killed right now so I bet some emails are getting crammed up with an error. Did you get a receipt from paypal?

      • No, I didn’t use paypal. I used my check card. I signed up during Geoff Lawton’s course when he opened it back up for 24 hours. My stupid bank put a fraud alert on it and I didn’t make it into that course. I was afraid my stupid bank put another fraud alert hold on this transaction. I’m more worried about my bank screwing it up.

    • In the email you get titled “Receipt for your Payment to PermaEthos LLC” from PayPal at the bottom left just under the total payment is an “Invoice ID”.

  22. I’m in! Cant wait to get started! Proud to be a part of what you guys are doing Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Jack, you are going to have to put up another blog post when you hit 1000. Your server is getting killed.

    • Did you even imagine this level of response? I’m thinking that tells you that you are on the right track with this. Good job to all of you guys.

      • No I didn’t, I thought it would be good but not this. I can’t even think right now, not sure if I can even do a show today, I am thinking no commercials and just coming on and talking about this today.

        • It’s probably pretty humbling. You also must be thinking how much more you could do with this crowd if you could just figure out how to fit it all in.
          You could either just talk about this today or do an impromptu interview with Josiah and/or Nick. Either way, I think we’d understand if you want to take a moment here.

          Thanks, Jack!

        • I’m game for a show about this. I’m out of episodes to listen to for my long drive home.

        • yes my head would be spinning also. again great work Captain Jack!

  24. Got my confirmation email from PermaEthos at 1:14 (14 minutes after it opened), and I got order # 371.

    Jack, I thought you were crazy when you said that it would new open for the weekend. It’s not going to even be open at dinner.

  25. Started the process as 1305 EST and took until 1328 to complete my transaction. Not complaining, just saying that we were swarming the site and causing it to slow down.
    I’m glad I got in and I can’t wait for the things to begin. Thanks Jack.

  26. I got my PDC! It took a few tries.
    I started EXACTLY at 11am MT.
    I’ve been listening since 2009 and I’ve wanted to do a PDC, but not with hippies. This is perfect!
    I’ve listened to all the podcasts…except about 30 episodes.

  27. I’m in! YAY. After a 15hr work day, 2hrs sleep (it’s the middle of the night Australia time), then 1:30 hrs of words of curse directed at my computer, it finally got me in. Purchase made- I’m stoked 🙂 …. and goodnight all 🙂

  28. I got my PDC! It took a few tries.
    I started EXACTLY at 11am MT. was was number 129 of 1000.
    I’ve been listening since 2009 and I’ve wanted to do a PDC, but not with hippies. This is perfect!
    I’ve listened to all the podcasts…except about 30 episodes.

  29. It took me almost 20 minutes to get signed up and another 20 minutes for me to sign up my husband but we’re finally both in. woohoo!! I was number 472. I don’t know what number my husband was.

  30. #621 wow. glad I didn’t wait. everything went smooth. no reloads or nothing.

    • Some of us were like kids at Christmas! Couldn’t wait to get those packages open! 😀 Server must be catching up.

      • How long has it been open? I though for sure I was going to be a double digit! Maybe even a single.

        Jack. Keep it going. Why stop at a 1000. If the demand is there take it. This thing is going to sell out by sunset.

  31. I got a nice jump on this and was order #75. Someone had a good analogy on Facebook about being one of the founding members: Being a kid on Christmas Eve!
    Thanks, Jack and everyone at PermaEthos!

  32. Might have to upgrade your server again or buy capacity on special events…rock on!!!

    • Right? I think Jack and the guys underestimated what they were doing here (and maybe underestimated all of us a bit).

    • Could you see all 1000 of us rushing to the computer to download the new video lesson as soon as we get the email.

      You’re going to have a frigging meltdown, Jack. That’s awesome.

      Just a perfect beginning to a new idea that’s going to turn the establishment on it’s ear.

      Please post a picture of your melted server and tweet it out to @rascalfarmer 😉

    • nevermind….had to log out and back in for some reason.
      @11:55 #791

      better hurry!!

  33. Congrats Jack – From a business / marketing point of view, it sounds like you didn’t charge enough!

    Just kidding – thanks for keeping it affordable for everyone.


      • Hmmm.. It took over a week for Geoff to sell out his PDC. Jack, I think you have something to tease him about (just don’t let him compare price points).

  34. Founding member #171 at 12:02. Took about 100k open windows and mouse clicks. Felt like comic com registration all over again.

  35. Signed up for two courses/accounts

    Went from #554 to #715 in 15 minutes and that was 15 min ago

    What? No show today??
    Break out the old recorder and taped-together headset and drive to Frisco man!

    This is Awesome!!

  36. Please note two things.

    One if you want to courses you have to sing up for them one at a time, you also must not be logged in a permaethos with the first one when you buy the second.

    Second as I announced quite a few times you can’t do the 3×115 option with credit card or debit card if you don’t also have a paypal account. You will have to pay the 300 in full if you don’t’ have a PayPal account. This is not our rule and we would do it differently if we could, this is PayPals policy.

  37. Can you imagine what will happen from this group when they’re selling PermaEthos products? Sign me up for the first quart of PermaEthos honey! 🙂

  38. 7 minutes after noon (cst) I was #235.

    Now I have to go buy a bigger hard drive for all these videos! Thrilled to be a part of this opportunity!

    • I do believe we might get to hear Jack choked up this afternoon! 🙂

        • I was planning to sign up later tonight or tomorrow and then started reading the comments here while walking through Lowes. Stopped right in the middle of the store and signed up.

      • LOL….he should be choked up. He severely underestimated the determination and tenacity of the community. I almost took it personal when he said there would be open spots for the general public on Tuesday.

        Yeah Jack, go ahead and talk about this on your podcast today. Doesn’t even have to be a full show. Do it as an update like you did on your vacation.

        Or hell….take the day off.


  39. Is it sold out now? I turned my computer all the way off and back on and it won’t go to the payment page still from choosing a payment method? That’s the best “logging out” I can come up with.

    Is it me or is it sold out? The first one we got through correctly but now it won’t work for me. I’m not sure?

    • There was a button on page to “logout”….OH! It took me an hour and 15 minutes to figure that out and all done but it says too late I can’t order….thud….I’m not a computer person. Not good.

      • It said i was #868 but it won’t take the payment? That’s confusing. I think I did it right. How can it be full then? I’m whining I know. Sorry!

      • Sorry for being such a ditz. I’d make a great test subject…every mistake that CAN be made I WILL make. Would be much smoother for everyone else, ah….

  40. #709. Unbelievable response guys. Just wanted to come on here and say how awesome this audience is and how proud I am to be a part of it.

  41. #347 @ 1211 central.

    Wicked excited to be a part of permaethos and this community!

  42. WOW…
    #73 and #600

    I was in a panic on the second one. Somehow I totally spaced on having to setup a second account to purchase a second one. Ah well, all is good now.

    I thought for sure I gould snag 2 in the first 100 but oh man… the instant the add to cart button popped it was already screaming to 100. Insane.

    Proves yet again you must give the Spirkonians what they want or they will bash the door down to get it.

    Im real happy for Jack, Josiah and the rest of the crew. What an amazing grand opening, eh?

  43. I think we must have got in on the first wave before the gridlock happened. #104 at 1:02PM.
    Bought one for my wife – she was way more enthusiastic about getting her certification than I was. However, after seeing the response, I’m wishing we’d budgeted for two courses (even though I likely won’t ever get my certification), just so I could have the honor of being a “Founding Member” too!
    Congrats Jack – thanks for doing what you do. The response to this is a very loud testament to how much we all believe in your integrity and vision!

  44. Scared me with the “PDC removed from your cart because it is no longer available” thing.

    One thing, I paused at the screen where I saw an invoice from paypal, didn’t click on the “return to vendor site” link for a while. The emails (from both paypal and PermaEthos) came almost immediately after I did. #581, email at 12:31 Central.

    I’m excited, though I think I’m going to be the slow and steady type on this, so I’ll likely be good for your bandwidth.

  45. I was #105 at 12:00. I thought that I would be in the top 10. lol sadly mistaken, not that it matters!

      • Well, Max. You and I called it earlier this morning. We both said that MSB members would take all the slots and it looks like we were right! I bet it will be closed in the next hour.

    • Yeah, I clicked in at exactly 11:00 Mountain Time and got #156. There must have been mob of us hitting it all at once!

      I almost feed bad for those non-MSB types who are hoping there will be any leavings after the weekend – almost. 😉

  46. I feel bad for non MSB members.

    Perhaps you could do a few more slots, maybe as non “founders”?

    It would some extra capital for the farm. Just a thought.

  47. Unbelievable! I got #834. Seriously, I didn’t think it would sell out so fast! Congratulations, Jack! I can’t wait to start.

  48. I am having a problem with the payment. I’ve tried to pay with Paypal several times during the last hour but everytime I get this messege:

    “Some required information is missing or incorrect. Please correct the fields below and try again.

    Error: An error has occurred. Please contact the system administrator.”

    Does somebody have any idea about what the problem may be?

    Many thanks, Tobias

    • I filled in my email twice, rather than email and phone number. The fields are right next to each other. But it clearly said the phone number wasn’t valid in the error message.

      • Thank you for your answer but I have all the forms with the star filled in and it seems to be correct. I also tried it without åäö with no difference in the error messege.

        • Glad to see you got in! I got in after changing the äöå without filling the optional fields. Might have been multiple reasons for errors.

      • Thank you so much for your comment! I was certain this was a problem with Paypal but because of your comment I went back and filled in all the fields rather than just the ones required. Now the payment worked and I’ve got the confirmation email!

  49. I signed up under my real name but just wanted to let you know I’m looking so forward to this! This will be my second PDC but I’m also thinking of making this part of my kids homeschool lessons. Great job Jack! And I got in at #284.

    • I’ll be doing the same with my kids…after they get home from school!

  50. I got #95 at like two minutes and #750 just posted?! AWESOME! This is so EXCITING!

  51. I would love to hear a Skype of Jack and the team studdering over the turn out for this. Would make a funny show.

  52. I’m in!! ????????. Order # 866. I don’t know if that means I was 866 on signing up or not. But either way I got a paid receipt email. Thanks Jack.

  53. Waiting to see the SOLD OUT sign put on the TSP Home Page.

    Congrats to the entire crew… and best wishes on the project. I can’t wait to come visit. It’s not too far of a drive from Schuylkill County!

  54. I talked to Josiah last week and he said there will be several short-term volunteer opportunities (permablitz style). I live pretty close so I am really looking forward to those.

  55. #879 a few minutes ago. Holy cow glad i got my MSB email and decided to sign up right away.

  56. Jack, I had no doubt the program would sell out today. You’re the head of a passionate community and now we’re uniting behind this cause.

    You have a lot to be proud of. One man making a GLOBAL difference.


  57. After 15 minutes of page spinning, I became #497. I texted a friend about how quickly they were going. He was driving, pulled over, and ordered through his phone – # 749.

    Very happy to be here with you fine folks.

  58. Man, between this and the MTknives deal I am getting really good at slipping into servers getting just absolutely wrecked.

  59. #956 — Right under the wire! Man I’m glad I decided to check the podcast page when I did, otherwise I would have missed out!

  60. If I were Jack, this is how my “show” would go today: [ahem]

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw! [Hootin’] [hollerin’] [rebel yell]

    -#349 out…