PermaEthos is Looking for Partners

We are now looking to find a second tenant farmer to work with one we have already selected and head farm steward Josiah Wallingford.

Additionally we are beginning to screen for “Element Partners” and “Wwopfers”.  What are Element Partners and Wwopfers?  Cruise over the PermaEthos blog and find out.

PermaEthos is now Taking Applications!

3 Responses to PermaEthos is Looking for Partners

  1. Well, Looks like we need to talk. I will be throwing my beekeeping veil or hat as they say in to this.

    Lets work out some details my friends.

  2. I want to keep upto date on this. I’d also like to know what standards your going to put out on farms to wear the ethos badge. As I put things together I’d like to stack that into my plans so that I can well be as openly into it as possible .

  3. joanne damon

    This could effect water catchment everywhere… Major investors are buying up water rights all over the world.. It will effect catching water on private property.

    Profiting from Your Thirst as Global Elite Rush to Control Water Worldwide