Permaculture Voices – Save Money and Come Meet the Best of the Best

As you all probably know I will be speaking at the Permaculture Voices Conference next March.  I think that this will be one of the most important conferences ever to take place in permaculture.  It will be a gathering of the biggest and brightest minds in one place.

At the conference I will be speaking about two topics that I am very passionate about and that I think are very important to making a big change in our society: How to Take Permaculture Mainstream and Making Permaculture Into a Profitable Business Model.  My presentations will be two of the 50 plus talks at the conference (they have added a lot more talks and speakers since I last spoke about this event).

Starting on November 29th they are offering a $250 discount on the conference ticket price of $960.  The special price is good for three days expiring on December 1st at midnight.   I can’t believe they are doing it, but they are, offering the tickets at $710, a price that I think is easily justifiable.

As an attendee you will get to see over 34 hours of talks during the 4 day of the conference.  Not 34 hours including breaks and meals, but 34 hours of actual talks.  That is a solid 4 days.  The conference lineup is robust with talks from speakers such as Geoff Lawton, Joel Salatin, Toby Hemenway, Mark Shepard, Greg Judy, Allan Savory, and the list goes on.

Geoff Lawton will be giving 4 talks including reading the landscape and permaculture earthworks.  Joel Salatin will be giving an intensive on pastured livestock, as will Greg Judy.  Dr. Elaine Ingham will be giving a 3 hour soils intensive.  There will be a 4 hour SPIN Farming workshop.  Not only will you learn a lot of practical information, you will learn it from world renown experts, people out there on the ground actually doing it.

There just hasn’t been an event like this ever in permaculture.  It is the only conference in the world where you can see this many big name permaculture speakers all in one place.  If you want a chance to learn from the best and network with a bunch of other like-minded people, then this is the event to be at.  Take advantage of the discount, because this is the last one that they are offering, and frankly I think it is too cheap to begin with.  If you are student or beginning farmer you may qualify for a discount beyond this special.

As you all know when I go to conferences I don’t just do my talk and duck out.  I put in a lot of time answer questions and interacting with the attendees and listeners, because I really enjoy it.  From what I hear, there has already been a lot of interest and support from the TSP audience, so I look forward to seeing you all next March at Permaculture Voices.


Remember if you purchase your ticket between Nov. 29 and December 1st you will save 250 dollars.

12 Responses to Permaculture Voices – Save Money and Come Meet the Best of the Best

  1. There is also a group rate that is $595 each for a group of 5 of to 10 people.

    I would be willing to coordinate a group purchase for anyone wishing to attend at this rate.

    • John Paul Smajda

      Justin, did you already do your group purchase?

    • I tried to get one set up before the 12/1 discount deadline and did not get enough response.

      I’m still going out and would be looking to carpool from the airport to Temecula.

  2. Already did the early bird registration. Can’t wait to see you there!

  3. Thanks! I’m not sure even the great price is going to fit in my budget but I agree it sounds like a fulfilling conference. Have fun; learn lots!

  4. Already signed up and looking forward to it!

  5. Impressive line-up of speakers. The discounted price for the whole event (34 hrs) is less than one of these speakers alone is charging for a 16 hr. workshop at his farm later in the Spring.

  6. Jack
    Is there an email distribution list for tsp members that are going so we can all meet up?

  7. Justin:

    I am interested in the Group Rate buy if we can lock something down before the midnight cutoff, 12/01/2013. I will be purchasing 2 tickets. Let me know ASAP.

    • I have not heard from anyone else. To group register they are asking for full names and contact info for each ticket. The group rate rate does not have an expiration date listed.

      I can be contacted at jhunt02 at

  8. I’m sorry but I have not received enough interest in the group buy. I will be ordering my ticket tonight as i dont want to risk missing this level of savings.

    Maybe next time