Episode-196- Permaculture Intoduction to Layers and Zones

Today you will get to hear me almost rear ended on the highway right at about 29:44 into the show.  Rest assured I was not harmed nor was my vehicle damaged!  I edited out a bit particularly my use of the F word.

On the subject the first 10 minutes are mostly a follow up from yesterday’s discussion on libertarian principles and how you can explain the common objection about “the things government has done right”.  I will also let you know about the interview I did with Lew Rockwell and a new working relationship between LewRockwell.com and TSP.

I then go into an introduction to permaculture principles and explain the 7 layer system of

  1. Canopy
  2. Low Trees
  3. Shrubs
  4. Herbaceous
  5. Rhizosphere (root crops)
  6. Soil Surface (cover crops)
  7. Vertical (climbing vines)

From there I explain the 5 zones of permaculture beginning in zone one (closest to human habitation) and progressing to zone 5 (wild forest).

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12 Responses to Episode-196- Permaculture Intoduction to Layers and Zones

  1. Dan Hunter

    Jack I think LEW ROCKWELL asked great questions and got good answers keep up the good work

  2. Louisiana Suvivor

    Jack Great show! I was doing dishes like always listening to the show and that crash scared the shit out of me! LOL. glad that you’re safe man. keep up the great work.

  3. JimBridger1881

    Great show as always. I listening to the podcast in the office and I think I jumped three feet when the crash almost happened. Glad to hear that everyone was ok.

  4. Jack,

    Hope you had your Bug Out Bag with you today. Sounds like you needed a clean pair of shorts!

  5. Raintree is expensive and packs and ships irresponsibly. Better are Burnt Ridge (W. Washington, Lawyers (Montana), Weeks(Oregon). There are many others. For herbs: Horizon Herbs. For birds and veggies: Sandhill Preservation Center. Books: Bill Mollison’s Permaculture: A Designer’s Guide; Carla Emery’s An Encyclopedia of Country Living. If you have forests, spend some real money on Dave Jacke’s Edible Forest Gardens (2 vol.) For your house: Ianto Evans’ The Hand-Sculpted House and The $50 and up underground house book.

  6. Modern Survival


    I do find Raintree expensive, but I have also found them to have certain varieties I can’t find anywhere else. I will check the sources you mention, I have no dog in the hunt for Raintree my comment was about using their catalog as a resource.

    That said I have ordered from them twice and saw nothing wrong with their service or shipping. I guess you had a bad experience.

  7. Hi Jack,

    I’ve been a big fan of your podcast for a long time. I can’t wait to listen to this episode. I’m downloading it right now. Keep up the great work, Jack!

    FYI: There’s a minor typo in the episode title. “Intoduction” No biggie, just sayin’.

  8. Jack I love your show and have been a fan for awhile now. I have studied Permaculture in both Australia and Europe and practice it where I am at the moment so I was looking forward to hearing your views on the subject.

    I want to congratulate you on one of the most accessible introductions to Permaculture I have ever heard. It was very informative from the word go and would help people get into the concept without frightening them away from the vastness of the field of study.

    I have always felt there was something missing from Permaculture i.e. the why do it, your “do it for economic reasons” coupled with the, I don’t want dependence on other people really rounds out the whole field.

    I believe that Modern Survivalism and Permaculture walk the same path with some minor ideological differences and if people from the hippie/eco Permaculture side of the fence could listen to your views you might actually recruit a few more gun owning libertarians.

  9. Great book recently written on the fallacy that government is necessary for roads and how it could be done much better by the private sector.


    The author, Walter Block, is frequently on lewrockwell.com and his articles can be found there.

  10. Hi Jack-

    I love listening to the podcast, I have learned so much! Could you please post the name/type of shrub that produces cherries. I am very interested in getting some of these.

    thanks so much and keep up the great podcasting

  11. Modern Survival


    Finally remembered where I saw them, here you go,


  12. Thank you so much I am looking forward to adding them to my garden!!!