Patrick Roehrman Has Launched – MT Knives Private Reserve

mtknifMT Knives LLC has launched their private reserve program. Which is in some ways similar to my MSB Program.

MT Knives Private Reserve Members get 20% off orders (Excludes Limited Edition knives and the Professional Sharpening System), a free digital download of Beyond Razor Sharp (a 21 dollar value), discounts on Trek Lite Gear, various consultations, mushroom spawn, lacto fermentation supplies, Simply Cleansing Soaps and more.

See for details.

Of course I asked him if he might consider discounting the program for my MSB members.  He was gracious indeed, I was thinking like 20% but he did double that, with a 40% discount.

MSB Members will also like the fact that all the discounts Patrick set up are ones I don’t have.  Great stuff too!  Discount codes and further detail are already published in the benefits section of the MSB.

4 Responses to Patrick Roehrman Has Launched – MT Knives Private Reserve

  1. Well, crap! I just downloaded “Beyond Razor Sharp” 2 days ago. I guess I jumped the gun on this one. At 40% off for us MSB members, the 1 hour instructional video is worth it alone! Well done Patrick.

  2. I joined the Private Reserve program. The Beyond Razor Sharp video is very good. I’ve been struggling with my knife sharpening skills. Several of the common pitfalls Patrick points out in the video certainly apply to me. I’m looking forward to spending some time with a knife or two this weekend trying the techniques in the video.

    • Thank You, be sure to leave a review on Amazon or my site, or both if you really like, it would be greatly appreciated 😀 I hope to continue to build the value of the Private Reserve Program as time goes on. Thank You for your Support!