Paladin Press Joins Up As an MSB Supporting Vendor

I was approached on Monday by Paladin Press about sponsoring the show.  Of course I have no advertising available to sell because my sponsors don’t leave.  Paladin is now number 13 on the waiting list.  13 might as well be 300 with how our sponsors stick around.

Paladin Press Has Joined the MSB

Paladin Press Has Joined the MSB

However you know me!  You know what I do when this stuff happens with an awesome company like Paladin, I hit them up hard for the MSB.  So Paladin is now an official MSB Supporting Vendor.  They now give a full 15% of everything on their site and in their catalog to all MSB members.  For those building a significant info library this one benefit might cover the MSB cost alone.

For those not familiar with Paladin, they are amazing.  They have books and DVDs on any subject a TSP listener could imagine.  I am talking the practical like urban survival, homesteading and basic self defense.  Or the highly tactical like knife fighting, advanced martial arts or sniping.  They even have stuff on espionage technology, creating a new ID, living as a gray man and more.

Check them out today for some really great and awesome information.  You can even request a great paper catalog of their products if you want.  Again the MSB discount is usable on any item on their website or even to order by old fashioned mail via the catalog and gives you 15% off your entire order.  You will find the discount code in the benefits area of your MSB Account.

I have gotten more selective as to who I let into the MSB lately.  Paladin is an example of the high quality companies I will be bringing you discounts for in 2012.  I am working on Brownells as we speak.

11 Responses to Paladin Press Joins Up As an MSB Supporting Vendor

  1. Jack,
    That is so awesome, I love their books. Great deal…

    Hollis- DE

  2. Mark in Colorado

    As an avid reader of Paladin titles, this is really exciting news!

  3. Way cool talk about nation wide.

  4. Backwoods Engineer


    And Brownells–that would be AWESOME!

  5. Awesome!

  6. this is awsome, I have been ordering books from these guys since i was 13 years old. Its been a secret of mine for the longest 🙂

  7. GraymanHimself

    Jack, new listener here so can you tell me why you simply don’t sell more advertising? I for one would like to see more companies that cater to a prepared lifestyle on your sidebar, so I know where to shop.

    • Modern Survival

      @GraymanHimself well first and foremost because the program is exclusive. Secondly while they are happy to pay they pay for results. Each advertiser I add reduces the value of a slot to those already paying, JUST LIKE INFLATION. Last with 12 everyone gets one mention a week with one week off every 5 weeks.

      I was told by someone else today I should cut the rates and double the sponsors. That would be bad business I would have to work twice as hard serving the sponsors for the same money. Honestly if I did anything like that I would be more likely to cut down to five and double the rates. Don’t worry loyal sponsors I am not going to do that. I however, may let some naturally atrit and go down to ten.

  8. GraymanHimself

    That makes sense Jack, but how do we find out about businesses that support our ways and more specifically the “modern survivalist” ways (as opposed to someone like a “rawlesian” survivalist)

    • @Grayman… pop in to the forum (follow links above) and either use the SEARCH function, browse the forums, or post what you’re specifically looking for in the appropriate category. There is a huge community of (like-minded) folks that is bound to produce the answers, sources, and links you’re looking for. There may even be a comprehensive list in there somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet. Also, if you’re not MSB yet, it’s likely worth it to you to check that out, as there is a whole pile of vendors offering discounts and/or free stuff.

  9. Thanks Jack, I am also a big fan of Paladin, and we are well on our way to building an extensive library of prepping, protection, and homesteading topics. Thanks.