Episode-2033- Benjamin Page on The Pillars of Wellness

Ben Page starting listening to the survival podcast in July 2008 while going to chiropractic college in Davenport, Iowa. He lived 5 miles from college rode his bike to collage. It took him depending on the season between 15 and 45 minutes to get to college. He used that time to listen to the survival podcast and learn about modern survivalism and now considers himself to be a modern survivalist.

There is where his thought process went back to its roots and is why he is doing what he is doing know. Ben Page is a chiropractic physician where he focuses on what he calls the 4 vital points to wellness and how all 4 have to be in harmony to truly find wellness in ones life. He started a small family farm called Pastos Verdes Farm in southern Utah more then anything to provide for his family nutritious food that tastes good.

He farms using permaculture and regenerative methods. He uses Joel Salitin’s method to raise the meat birds. He also started a podcast in english called “The Wellness Farmer Podcast” and in Spanish called “El podcast la salud integral” where he podcasts once a week about the 4 pillars to health, which are adequate movement, nutrient dense food that is grown on fertile soil without chemicals, natural internal dialogue and chiropractic care.

After working with another chiropractor for 5 years he realized that he needed to move on and with the information he obtained listening to the survival podcast he started a new adventure. Ben now resides in Rosario, Argentina where he continues to serve the public as a chiropractic physician and continues to podcast about health and wellness. You could say that his business like many others was pushed forward and came into existence because of the Survival podcast.

Join Us Today as we Discuss…

  • How does modern survivalism enter into the pillars of wellness
  • What are the four pillars to health and wellness
  • What can we do to achieve adequate movement and proper posture
  • What is adequate movement in wellness
  • What does a diet in wellness consist of
  • How do we achieve wellness in our diet
  • What is natural internal dialogue
  • How do we achieve it
  • Why is chiropractic care one of the 4 pillars
  • Are there any examples that provide a template to achieve wellness

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3 Responses to Episode-2033- Benjamin Page on The Pillars of Wellness

  1. Great knowledge from you guys today, the theory on beries ‘wanting to be eaten’ verses ‘wheat not wanting to be eaten’ makes a lot of sense to me and is quite funny in that it is so obvious but I have never heard that theory before.

    I actually found Ben’s voice pitch/ tone and communication style difficult to listen to in that I had to pause the podcast a few times as I was getting a headache ! But Ben’s knowledge is brilliant.

    I just realized there is probably years of training reguired to develope a good Podcast voice, timing and audio communication skill, Jack has it, Ben just doesn’t have it yet.

    I think Ben should write a book on his knowledge of health and the body. Hope Ben returns again on a future eposite.