Our Audio Sever and MSB are Temporarly Down

We are aware of the issue and working on it.  It should be back up soon.  I am currently producing today’s show and it will be out soon.  When I publish it I will put the audio files on this domain so you will be able to hear today’s show right away.  If we are still down I will also move Monday and Tuesday’s show so at least the most recent shows are available, in fact I will do that right now.

7 Responses to Our Audio Sever and MSB are Temporarly Down

  1. ChickenWaffles

    Thanks Jack,
    I was working in the yard and listening to your show when the podcast shut off. Came inside to check the computer just to see if it was my ipod, wasn’t.
    Im new to the community and the subject in general. Wanted to say I am enjoying your perspective. I started listening a few months ago and am through about half of your older shows.
    Just wondering if you have attended any events in Florida or have something planned for the future? Also do you have any members active in the Orlando area?

    • Modern Survival


      1. Welcome

      2. We will be back up soon but you can listen to yeterdays and mondays now if you want

      3. To connect locally see the regional boards on the forums


  3. I think your former coder might have heard what you said about him in episode 811! This might be revenge, nerd style.

  4. Thanks for letting us know right away Jack. I have to say among others one of my favorite aspects of your business model is severe transparency. Being an agile practicing programmer I really appreciate that.

  5. Thank you Jack. You attention to the details is always appreciated.
    I am really looking forward to show 813