Episode-89- Organic Companion Planting for Survival Gardening

In today’s show we dig into companion planting as part of building sustainable survival gardens.  Tune in today to hear….

  • How organic gardening is more about what you do then what you don’t do
  • How organic gardening is a holistic system not just the absence of chemicals
  • Why companion planting is more “natural” then isolated planting
  • Combinations such as…
    • Cabbage and dill
    • Corn, beans and squash
    • Lettuce and Flowering Tobacco and Spider Flower
    • Radishes and Spinach
    • Roses and Garlic or Onions
    • Tomatoes and Broccoli
    • Cucumbers and Nasturtiums
    • Peppers and Pigweed
  • The two pairings you should never make
  • Six plants that can kill, repell and destroy pest insects
  • Four awesome herbs for every garden

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6 Responses to Episode-89- Organic Companion Planting for Survival Gardening

  1. Oh good topic! I can barely wait to listen to it.

  2. I couldn’t get corn to grow near my walnut trees . Walnut trees adversely affect a lot of agricultural crop.

  3. Jack, good podcast and it was great to get a better idea of companion plantings and what go together.
    @Mark, I think the problem with Walnut trees is the oily residue from both the tree’s leaves and the walnuts themselves, I believe it’s a serious fungicide.

  4. Nasturtiums are also great at attracking aphids. When they are full of aphids, pull them out and throw them away. They grow fast and add color.

    Mint does grow like crazy, but at least when you have to wade it and tear it out it smells good.

  5. The link for the seed catalogs did not work for me. It said it had either been removed, or I didn\\\\\\\’t have permission to view it. Do I have to be at a certain level…?

  6. Modern Survival


    The mods merged that topic with a few others. Here is the new link


    Good catch I will update the link in the show notes as well, thanks for helping out.