Optional Swag Pack Announced for the Fall Workshop

As previously announced the fall workshop at Nine Mile Farm will be from Nov. 7-11 this year.  Tickets will go on sale on Saturday Sept. 29th at 8 AM Central.  See the video below for a run down on how awesome it will be.  Go here for full details on how to get tickets.

Now onto the Swag Pack!  This year I will have a special Swag Pack for students.  The cost is going to be 50 dollars a set.  You can buy as many as you want but they must be pre ordered on the day you make your deposit.

When you sign up for your tickets there will simply be a box to check that says, “I want a swag pack” for 50 dollars extra.  There will be a place for notes if you want more than one set just tell me how many you want.

First up every student this year gets one of the Stainless Steel Shot Glasses for free.  These are the same ones we gave out at the 10 Year Party.

A 50 dollar “Swag Pack” will consist of

  • 2 Shot Glasses
  • 1 Hip Flask
  • 1 Custom Shaker

At 50 bucks unless damn near everyone orders one and gets me enough quantity for a price break I am selling them near at my cost as a set.  I will not be doing these designs again, and I will not ship them.  I feel holding some stuff like this only for people that come to events is another perk to coming to events.

We may have some extras, it all depends on how many people order sets and where my price breaks are.  I can guarantee extra shot glasses but shakers and flasks are unknown at the current time.

For those that don’t preorder depending on availability I will likely sell extras at the event one off as follows….

  • Shot Glasses – 10 dollars
  • Flasks – 15 dollars
  • Shakers – 25 dollars

Those that buy a Swag Pack can buy extra shot glasses for 5 bucks a piece.  We gave away 12 flasks to special folks at the Anniversary Party and they are really nice.  After doing so I realized I didn’t even keep one for myself.  I will fix that this time around.

The shakers are super nice.  These are not 10 dollar cheapo Walmart shakers.  They are thick stainless steel and the lids are gasketed so you won’t go spraying booze all over even if you are a few rounds into your Martinis.  They also are large, with a capacity of 24ozs, so you can mix up 4 or more drinks at a time.

Again you can reserve yours when you put a deposit on your tickets on Sept 29th.  You don’t need to do anything right now but if you know you will be adding one comment below, it will help me plan.

Also instructors and staff that won’t be buying a ticket, if you want to buy a set or two let me know.  Lastly if you are not coming but know someone who is, talk to them about bringing a set back for you.  Again anyone attending can buy as many sets as they want.  And one last time, no I won’t ship and once these are gone, I won’t be doing them with this design again.  I have a feeling they will command a premium on future barter blankets.

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