Only One Week Left in the 299 Days Book Contest
October 23, 2012 Blogs

Remember you can win a copy of Book One and Book Two of 299 Days jointly autographed by me and author Glen Tate.

To enter you must first buy a copy of both books, then all you need to do is email Glen a scan of your receipt, or the email from Amazon or Nook, showing you ordered both books (yes electronic versions count).  Send them to Glen at by October 31, 2012.  Glen will pick at random 20 emails and mail out the books to you.

We are giving away 20 Sets of Book One and Two of the series.  You can get copies of the books from many sources at

You can also hear two interview with the author here…

Remember these sets are autographed by both myself and Glen Tate.  I hand numbered the autographs 1 of 20, 2 of 20, etc.  There will only ever be 20 sets done this way.

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  1. Dear Jack,

    I’m listening your podcasts from London. I’ve discovered your blog few weeks ago and since then listening to you religiously. Even started to listen old episodes starting from 0001.

    I’m a big fan of this blog and have a huge respect for you and your wisdom. But tell me this, what is the reason of buying 2 books to win the same 2 books? I do appreciate they will be unique because of your autograph. But then people will end up with 2 “old” copies of the book they don’t need. Money and resources wasted, and I believe you also don’t like to waste any resources.

    It is probably too late for this but wouldn’t it be better if the contest was for the next books: Book 3 and Book 4? That, in my opinion, would make better sense. Or to make it really special the prize could be 1 or 2 complete sets (all 10 books) – that would really have some collectors value.

    • Really? You have to ask? The point is first to promote the books to support the author. Second the books you win are autographed copies by myself and the author and numbered as a limited edition. If that isn’t of value to you don’t participate.

    • If I win I am sending the first two un-autographed books to family member to read and learn from.

  2. Lukasz,

    Pay it forward and give the first two to someone who needs to read them. Both are great. In fact I’m really anxious for the next two. On the road a lot and bored here….

  3. Mike 'scoob' Underwood

    Pay it forward… that would be my plan.

  4. Mtn State Prepper

    Any update on this contest? I missed a show or three this month, did I miss the announcement of winners?

  5. Mtn State Prepper

    Understand, just curious as I didn’t hear any closure. Thanks! Enjoying the books.

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